Why do I need a VPN? 2): “PRIVACY”

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PRIVACY is the second key function of a VPN service.

What do we mean by PRIVACY and what are the differences compared with ANONYMITY?

In the previous post, when talking about anonymity, it was said that a VPN service protected our identity. That is, our IP. However, the fact that we are hiding our IP behind the VPN´s server IP DOES NOT in itself GUARANTEE that our communication cannot be intercepted and its contents examined (e.g by our ISP).

When using the real life example of the previous post i.e identity control when entering a building, it would be as if you enter the building and someone signs for you, BUT the guard at the door looks at you and recognizes you. Even if someone has signed for you, you´ve been reviewed and identified and obviously you can be kicked out.

Let´s see how a VPN provides PRIVACY :


As we can see, ALL TRAFFIC (emails, browsing, MSN / IM, Bittorrent / File Sharing, Skype / VoIP, online gaming etc..) we generate is ENCRYPTED between our computer and the VPN node to which we have connected (in this instance the Zurich server).

As an example, if we are John and live in Spain and we are connected to the vpn node of Zurich, because NOBODY BETWEEN SPAIN AND SWITZERLAND can examine our communication, nobody has any idea of its contents. This would make John very happy in the event that he felt his Internet access provider (ISP) was snooping on his communications.

Using the example again of entering a building, it would be as if your friend signed you in, and you were wearing an invisible cloak so the security guard could not see you. You need to use a little imagination now in this example!

We hope you understood. We accept any questions!

Because this post is becoming too long, the pros and cons of TOR compared to a VPN service will be left to the next post! We promise it is going to be very interesting. :D

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