Dedicated VPN Server for Your Business

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Dedicated VPN Server

Many big enterprises have started from small-business companies. They grew step by step meeting new challenges on every stage of their development. For many of them technically progressive solutions for newly emerging questions were the key to achieving a sustainable development. Nowadays, timely information update and secure online communication seem to be the most topical issues in the business world. Using a VPN service brings business communication to a new level. It enables a company to securely connect multiple users of its corporate network via the Internet. The variety of VPN services opens new possibilities for business development.

Today we will examine the advantages of a dedicated VPN server particularly for business purposes.

First, let’s see the difference between a shared and dedicated VPN server.

Shared VPN server is a server that you share with other VPN users. Usually, shared VPN is used by private individuals for secure access to websites. Shared VPN services can however present some limitations: number of ports and protocols to use. Other users of the VPN server can have the same IP address as you. That is why the Shared VPN is not appropriate for corporate users. Sometimes you can buy a dedicated IP address, but still use the shared VPN server. 

A Dedicated VPN Server is a remote server just for you and your fellow workers. You are not sharing it with unknown people. Basically, the service is similar to the shared VPN server, but the dedicated server is shared ONLY by the employees or affiliates of the company that sign up for the service.

Dedicated VPN Server solves a bunch of challenges that a growing business usually meets:

  • Access organizational network securely: The worker can access documents, read emails, submit reports, and use other common applications on the office network.
  • Use business applications: Using the dedicated VPN server, it is possible to run solely corporate business applications, use emails, work with business documentation, etc.
  • Work remotely: Remote users that provide support at your customers’ offices can access the enterprise network and perform their job tasks as if they were on-site.
  • Use applications you need: The shared VPN provides you with limited ports. With a dedicated VPN server, you have the possibility to use all applications without limitations. Its set up allows working with services which require opening of additional channels from the server to the client, for example, Microsoft Netmeeting, ICQ file transfer, etc.
  • Open your LAN to partners: A Dedicated VPN Server gives an opportunity to open your corporate network for your partners and affiliates. Security and total control over the server operating system are still kept.
  • Work together: A Dedicated VPN Server enables customers to modify secure access for collaborators and at the same time provide them with the benefits of using a VPN when roaming.
  • Manage corporate network: A Dedicated VPN Server leaves room for custom options in managing the corporate network. You can administer access to the network by adding other servers or other users as VPN clients. And you still have full control on the intact network. “Client to client” communication is also available.
  • Do not spend time and money for installation and support: A company does not need to have a special hardware to install the VPN server. A company does not need to hire system administrators in each office. The VPN provider solves all installation and support tasks instead of the customer. The sensitive data stays unavailable to the VPN service provider via encryption.

A true life example can add colour to the picture of a dedicated VPN server. Let’s take a small retail company which has a number of shops across a country, or several countries. The network of shops requires simultaneous information updated for the purpose of accounting, resupplying, and regulation. The company has a couple of local servers to run the applications, store databases, etc. They sign for a dedicated VPN server and thus find a cheap and secure way to create a “virtual LAN” between the shops. So, every shop is able now to access the information on the server, run corporative applications etc. Remote workers can also reach the server from any point of the Internet. The company has no need to hire more people to support the network. Even one part-time system administrator can connect to the VPN remotely and securely troubleshoot any issue in the shops. The flexibility of the service helps to meet the company’s current needs: they can connect just shops, or add servers; choose the type of VPN, number of users, etc.    

IMPORTANT: No information is stored on the shared or dedicated VPN Servers. The VPN Server acts as a gateway for the traffic of the clients', so information that is safely encrypted crosses the VPN Server, but nothing is stored within it.

One of the foremost advantages of the dedicated VPN server is the combination of 'high security level and low cost'. WiFi hotspots at cafes, hotels, train stations and airports have become a popular way for employees on the move to connect their computers to the corporate network via the Internet. The risk is that data could be intercepted by the hotspot provider or a hacker between the hotspot and the destination server. The need to safeguard sensitive company data is obvious. A Dedicated VPN Server offers this service at an affordable price.

A Dedicated VPN Server is very suitable for small or medium-size businesses. Large corporations usually use local complicated hardware to keep the corporate information and manage the network. By adding a VPN server to your business strategy you can not only commit to corporate privacy, it helps your business coordinate a growing list of informational demands –  keeping the communications of partners, co-workers and employees stable and secure.     

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