Virtual Private Networks (VPN) – Benefits & Future Prospects

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Can we imagine our life without the Internet? Sure. But the Internet makes our life much more convenient. Can we imagine a small business without a VPN connection? Definitely. But by using a VPN, our company can guarantee privacy of transmitted information. Companies can also increase productivity and efficiency by providing safe and fast exchange of information, establish secure remote office communication, and much more.

Virtual Private Networks are predicted to be a dominating network technology in the XXI century. They open numerous possibilities:

  • highly scalable extranet networks,
  • networks for e-commerce,
  • networks for Application Service providers.

As VPNs are turning into a global technology, they provide flexible solutions for various types of users:

  • shared VPN services for individual uses,
  • dedicated VPN services for small/medium companies,
  • and on-site VPN servers for large corporations.

VPN service providers are delivering new answers for the questions of today, and turning them into benefits for tomorrow.

The future starts today

The future of VPN starts today when daily communication presents new challenges to your business, or to your personal information security. 

Let’s imagine a working day of a small legal firm, let’s call it “ABC”. Firstly, the company doesn’t need to rent an office as all employees are either mobile or organized in remote offices. All documentation is being kept on a cloud server. Every employee has access to documentation without the risk of it being intercepted or lost while transmitting through the VPN connection. ABC's business applications are not available from public channels. Using an outsourced dedicated VPN server from a reliable provider, they securely interact with each other and their clients. Depending on configuration, new staff or clients have limited access to business applications and documentation. ABC can connect service providers to their VPN network for consulting or cooperation as and when appropriate.

Example: ABC receives a new order from a software company to compile a “Terms of Use” agreement for a new product. The product is available only on the software company's office computer as it is still under development. ABC has no need to send their specialist to the software company’s office, which may be located in another country. The VPN service allows them to establish secure connection between the two companies. VPNs do not require similar hardware at both ends of the connection. After a short period of time to configure the VPN connection, ABC's lawyers can start their work. They can securely access documentation from any point of Internet access.  Both companies are guaranteed both information security and privacy. The VPN connection presented a way to avoid high costs without sacrificing security.

The last bastions of freedom?

In the beginning of December, WikiLeaks, an international media publishing news from anonymous sources, went offline. Its whistle-blowing website has lost its domain name and was bombarded by multiple denial of service (DoS) attacks.

As illustrated with the Wikileaks affair, the Internet is currently a battleground. On one side, there are people threatened by relatively free flow of ideas still available on the Internet. On the opposing side, there are people believing that the Internet is one of the last bastions of freedom of ideas and information. The freedom that has been lost elsewhere.

TUVPN's CTO predicts that in the following years more and more people will care about the importance of an unrestricted internet – since more efforts are made to curb and control the freedom. In spite of the attempts made to fence the Internet, people will naturally look for ways to continue enjoying the Internet environment which they have become accustomed to.

Increasing threats

At the same time, both people and businesses have become increasingly aware of the threats that exist on a "free" Internet. These threats range from malware to rogue Wi-Fi spots.

Using VPNs as antivirus tools to protect communications while on Wi-Fi are clearly seen today. In fact, any Wi-Fi spot (e.g 'Free Hotel Wi-Fi') can turn out to be just a hacker’s laptop. Any and all data sent through ‘Free Hotel Wi-Fi’ in reality goes through the hacker’s PC. But if you use a VPN connection, the only thing the hacker would be able to catch is useless encrypted data. Moreover, using a VPN provides double protection for your computer against viruses/trojans/worms and alike. The use of a reliable VPN service, along with the antivirus software installed on VPN servers provides optimal results against online threats.

“As a significant part of our life has moved to the Internet, it is natural that everyone looks for protection and security in the face of the new threats”, said the TUVPN's experts. "In the environment where individual freedoms meet rising threat, both private persons and businesses will place greater emphasis on securing their Internet usage." So, services and tools offered by TUVPN and other VPN providers, e.g. shared and dedicated VPN services for personal use, and dedicated VPN services for business will be used more actively. TUVPN.COM sees its aim as “to stay at the cutting edge of such services that will be integral to the provision of freedom, privacy, and security over the internet. We look forward to the challenge.”

Globalization has brought outsourcing and integration. Experts say that VPNs will turn into systems of interactive networks which will connect mobile users, commercial partners, and suppliers with critical corporate applications working on IP protocol. VPNs will become a basis for new commercial operations and services, which will stimulate the market and help to modernize service delivery and production. VPNs will be key to solving many tasks of today, delivering benefits and solutions for tomorrow.

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