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TUVPN.COM Global VPN Server LocationsAs growth of the network continues, we are thinking about our next moves for our VPN network.

The first addition will be a new server in London to be added later this week. This will be our second server in the UK, which of course will be available to all of you at no additional cost. There has been a strong demand for the dedicated IP service for this location, so this addition was mandatory to meet the immediate demand.

After this addition, we are open to your suggestions.

As our strongest demand is in Europe, we were thinking about adding a new VPN server in Zlin (Czech Republic).

Another option would be a new server somewhere in Asia, but we are not fully convinced yet as our current Kuala Lumpur server in Malaysia is somewhat underused.

After going over the forum proposals from our users, we have been able to summarize customer thoughts as follows:

  • Switzerland – Some users have insisted that we reinstate a server in this domicile. So this is currently first in our request list.
  • Russia (Omsk) – Speed. Covering of Asia/Europe. Many users have asked for this.
  • Kyrgyzstan – Could be a good location to supply Asia/Europe.
  • Denmark – Because of download speed and privacy laws.
  • Panama – Would be a good complement to Chicago and Montreal VPN servers.
  • Hong Kong – Asian location most mentioned.
  • Latvia, Lithuania – Good speeds.
  • Bulgaria – Privacy.

Or….. do we just keep adding servers to the current locations ? e.g. a new server in Luxembourg.

What do you think?

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17 Responses to “New VPN Servers for the TUVPN Network”

  1. Luis Says:

    In countries where you have multiple servers would be good to try to use some servers that allow the use of p2p programs and other servers that don’t permit.
    In this way companies can use a server in a country with the assurance that the server will not be exploited by the use of p2p programs by home users.
    Offer the two alternatives in each country benefits the companies and home users.

  2. Lee Says:

    Best to have diverse jurisdiction closer to Asian, EU and US hubs.

  3. Peter Males Says:

    If there is no demand on an asian server (as Kuala Lumpur is underused) there is no need for a further server in this region. I think as most people use european servers it would make sense to have another server here… for example in a scandivanic country (like Denmark) as there still isn’t any server in the north of europe. If Denmark is really a good choice concerning speed and privacy let’s take it as the next country. Speed and privacy are two good reasons… As far as I heard scandinavia has in general good laws in favour of privacy. So my vote for the next server and country goes to Denmark… as only a few providers offer Denmark. So all parts of europe will be there. And the next time we take a country like russia so even the east of europe will be in our server-list. And all of the servers are wide-spread across europe…

  4. Mike Says:

    Bulgaria would be a great choice for those who want more p2p options because Bulgaria is very open laws to that, not many providers if any for Bulgaria and they have good speeds.

    Swiss is also good as they are good privacy laws but I would go for Panama over them. Panama would be slower for European users as its central america but they have great privacy laws with them being in the banking sector.

  5. brian Says:

    The current locations are really good. Luxembourg has fantastic peering.

    One country to consider adding is Sweden. They take privacy very seriously which is why they are the preferred offshore location for many file sharing sites.

  6. Mike Says:

    Yes Luxembourg is really good and Sweden is a sensible option as well.

  7. Mike Says:

    Also Hungary is pretty good choice with nice speed, security and privacy. Good location in central Europe.

  8. Mike Says:

    Sorry forgot to comment about Kyrgyzstan. Very good location as its Europe & Asia with good speeds and privacy indeed.

    Kyrgyzstan up and coming eCommerce region, wanting to please its customers. I think tuvpn would be wise to take a server in the region.

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  10. Timmi Says:

    Regarding Omsk in Russia, that would be good idea. Its Siberia but has brilliant speeds for Russia and is based very lovely in Europe and near Asia.

    I found good ISP in Omsk called Omskie kabelnye seti Ltd and they can be e-mailed speaking to Constantin Anohov

    Also JSC “Zap-Sib TransTeleCom”, Novosibirsk based in Omsk with e-mail speaking to Ivan M Makarenko.

    Contact them and see what can be done because it would solve additional Asian server, while also appealing to European customers as well and even those from Africa (North) and Middle-East who have trouble with other servers.

    Another location not mentioned is Israel and perhaps Turkey. They are more further East as well.

  11. Timmi Says:

    Any news on this?

  12. Penn Says:

    Tuvpn for good coverage of Oceanasia(Australia, New Zealand etc), far east (Japan, Singapore etc) and Western USA & Canada with portions of South/Central America I suggest a server in HAWAII

    Hawaii would be a great location at some stage because its also owned by the USA so not difficult to get access into with US laws and is offshore.

    Hawaii with its geographical location as I outlined gives good access to much of Oceanasia’s, Far east and West coast of North America.

    Speed in Hawaii is also pretty good. What are your thoughts?

  13. tuvpn Says:

    Regarding this, we are currently scanning options in DENMARK and SWEDEN.

    We should have a server in one of these two locations in one or two weeks.

    After this, we will focus on Timmi’s tip about Omsk.

    Sorry if we have been somewhat slow with this, but we are building a new site for tuvpn and have been quite busy.

    Will keep you posted.

    TUVPN.COM Team

  14. Welsh_Wizard Says:

    Great to hear this. Denmark & Sweden are amongst the most secure areas in Europe to have a connection if not many parts of the world!

    Good speeds and security as-well.

  15. tuvpn Says:

    So you see that we listen! ūüôā Sweden is already here. By now we will focus rest of the month on having our new site up&running (hope you will like it) and next month we move on with comments and propositions in this list!.

    Thx to all!

    TUVPN.COM Team

  16. Dan Says:

    Other locations to bare in mind;

    Czech Rep

    ^ Both countries do not follow the EU data retention laws.

    Egypt is now also being touted as a better location in the middle eastern world, more so since the ‘revolution’ recently.

    Panama would be good if the speed is decent enough for everyone else. Good privacy & security laws in Panama. Failing that Costa Rica in the same geographic area is also good.

    The mention of Hawaii is good idea for those in Asia, Americas and Oceania plus it has good speeds.

    My other shouts would be potentially India or the Seychelles if the connection could be found but from what I have seen around its not at all cheap for bandwidth in the Seychelles.

  17. Weie Himmez Says:

    Hi there great to se there¬īs happend things, I want to se a server in Denmark as well Great work TuVpn, Greetz Imme

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