Requirements for a Corporate VPN Service

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More security, more control, more flexibility – this is what the corporate users ask for. It seems it is the same as what the private users look for. But lets’ investigate these requirements, and we will understand that the demands in personal and business VPN spheres may vary greatly.

For business, professional solutions are as necessary as the air we breathe. Whilst there are a variety of security business applications on the market, only a few VPN offerings can satisfy the corporate needs. The majority of known VPN solutions are orientated to private/personal usage. Advanced information security is a question of high priority for corporate IT systems. There are reasons for this:

  • As a rule, business applications contain confidential information that must be protected properly.
  • Information leakage, its unauthorized modification or deleting is critical to a business. System resources require fundamental protection in order to avoid the threat of a long-term outage.
  • With regard to maintaining the security of a corporate information system, the personal motivation of an ordinary employee can be quite low (comparing it to private usage). Sometimes companies hire a security administrator to be responsible for specifically overseeing compliance and adherence to security procedures.
  • There can be a mistrust of an 'authorized user'. The user (employee, service provider etc) works with corporate information which is confidential. This information is potentially subject to sale, and the user is considered as a potential weak link in the security of corporate information. Sometimes internal violation becomes the dominant threat.
  • As a rule, information is being processed on a corporate network, and corporate networks are usually not local. In such cases, local security administration becomes more difficult and requires more resources (APM administrator in the network).

So, comparing to the private VPN, the corporate VPN service must offer additional features.

  • With a business VPN solution, you must be able to rent a VPN server for your exclusive use. It means that you will have a dedicated VPN server, not shared with unknown users. Using our VPN server control panel, you can manage VPN user accounts for your company.
  • A secure corporate VPN service must not store any customer data. The service must be used by its clients only as a protected communication channel.
  • The Corporate VPN service must provide more flexibility than the private solutions. For example, all VPN clients on the server must be able to "talk" to one another (so-called “VPN clients inter-communication”).
  • With a correctly chosen corporate VPN solution, you can enable and disable the protocols you use to guarantee enhanced security.
  • There must be no limitations to the applications that can run whilst using the corporate VPN services. Once you have activated the VPN, any application which transmits data over the internet will do it securely, any type of communication can travel over the VPN.
  • Corporate users must have quick and easy access to support of the VPN service provider.

The Corporate VPN service can give a new impetus to your business strategy.  A well-built requirements hierarchy can help you choose the proper VPN provider and VPN service. Obviously, the need for high security, stable connection and sophisticated authorization process is common to every successful business strategy.  Professional VPN providers usually assist not only in better configuration and efficient maintenance of a VPN service, but in giving full  support and providing you with developing technologies and VPN features for your business, so you will be one step ahead of the competition.


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