Americans Wise Up About Wi-Fi Security

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Public wireless networks are becoming widespread. You can find Wi-Fi spots in coffee shops, libraries, airports, hotels, universities and other public places. But access to the internet through a shared network can be not secure and even dangerous. The problem of losing personal information is so topical, that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission  has published some recommendations to protect your information against Wi-Fi snoops. The article, under the title “Wise Up about Wi-Fi: Tips for Using Public Wireless Networks” is published on

Security experts say that using encryption you can protect your personal information online. They recommend using HTTPS protocol instead of HTTP. In addition, heed your browser's warnings about malicious sites. Browser add-ons, such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation's HTTPS Everywhere, can encrypt some (but not all) data transmitting between your PC and the site you are visiting.

Another important recommendation on the “Wise Up About Wi-Fi” page is using a virtual private network. It is useful for those who regularly access online accounts through Wi-Fi hotspots. The VPN will create a secure tunnel to protect all data sent over the connection, even on unsecured networks. You can obtain a personal VPN account from a VPN service provider. You can ask the company you are working for to provide secure remote access to their resources by VPN.

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