Is Google’s Privacy Policy Arguable?

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A class action has been filed against Google for invading the privacy of people who use Gmail. Apparently, Google has been scanning their emails with the purpose of  finding advertising opportunities. The lawsuit  was filed in the Eastern District of Texas this month, March 2011. Google is accused of studying and capturing the contents of every email sent and received through Gmail with the aim of targeting advertisement campaigns

Kelly Michaels, representing a class of persons in the same situation, argues that Google scans the content of every email sent through Gmail without asking for the users’ permission. The lawsuit states that the emails' content is being analyzed to find identifying keywords. Based on this information, Google then targets the users with appropriate advertisements.

The lawsuit aims at protecting Internet privacy and Web anonymity. It is asking the court for a permanent injunction against Google, and requests that Google pays a compensation of $100 a day for each violation committed.  


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