Mobile Internet Vulnerability

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Modern technology provides us with unprecedented levels of mobility. Omnipresent Internet access via portable computers and smart phones makes working outside the office as easy as never before. But we shouldn’t forget how vulnerable the ‘travelling’ data can become.

Last week, the Symantec Corporation and the Ponemon Institute issued their annual report in which they analyzed the risks of data breach in some of the biggest American companies. The conclusion is not comforting: the security risks have no signs of lowering and coping with them becomes more and more expensive.

Using Internet in public places can pose a serious threat to data security. Robert Hamilton, senior product marketing manager for Symantec, suggests avoiding free public Wi-Fi spots, saying that some of them can be set up by criminals. Always ask for an access key when using wireless connection in hotels, to ensure it is not “sponsored” by the hacker next door.

Many companies also insist that their employees use VPN when transferring important information. The encryption mechanisms used in such networks reduce the risk of data interception and make it very difficult to trace.


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