TUVPN.COM’s High Anonymity Web Proxy. What is it, and how is it used?

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TUVPN.COM offers on each of its servers a High Anonymity Web Proxy.

A Web Proxy provides a way to quickly anonymize your internet browsing (HTTP/HTTPS). Check our blog article about the differences between Proxies and VPNs.

Our proxies can be used as stand-alone proxies (to quickly anonymize browsing on any computer you are working with, and to avoid geographic restrictions…) or be combined with our VPN services to provide an additional layer of anonymity.

Why High Anonymity ? We have configured all our proxies in Elite or High Anonymity mode. This offers the highest possible level of anonymization for your browsing needs. It removes every single bit of private information, not only your IP address and other fields that can identify you but it also changes the operating system and browser program that you are using with fake data! In fact it will be impossible for anyone checking your traffic to know that you are using a proxy at all.  Let's see this with an example :

We use a proxy checker site to perform a test of our browser without the TUVPN High Anonymity Web Proxy :

We can see that it identifies our IP and also our Operating System and browser. Also that we are NOT using a proxy.


Now let's fire up our High Anonymity Web Proxy and redo the test :

And here we go ! As expected our IP has been replaced by the TUVPN server IP AND our operating system and browser have also been changed (TinyBrowser on a Linux box). Most importantly, we are not detected as using a proxy server !


To learn how to configure and use our High Anonymity Web Proxies please visit our tutorials section.


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