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Virtual private networks keep your information secure whilst surfing the Internet. They create a secure “tunnel” across the Internet between your local PC at home or in the office and a VPN service provider. As your Internet traffic is being encrypted, nobody can use your private information from emails, posts or online shopping. Nowadays it’s a hot topic because many easy-to-use programs can easily monitor what you are doing on the Internet.

There are some simple ways to get VPN. The easiest one is to check whether your company, school, organization, or department are using it. If they are, then you can just become a member of a corporative VPN, install the software and launch the VPN application any time before you surf the Web.

If there is no corporative VPN, you can have your personal VPN service. Numerous VPN providers offer their services starting from $15 per month. Remember to check the background of a company you are thinking of choosing. You can read online forum feedbacks, email or call to the company to be sure that real people work in it.

Providing security and privacy, VPNs offer other advantages as well. You can visit websites and use online services blocked for external use. 

Anonymous Web browsing is another benefit provided by some VPN providers. It allows you to surf the Internet without being tracked.

VPNs are a multi-target service. It is available both for individuals and corporate teams: whether you need a secure access to a WI-FI hotspot on the road, or to build a network of remote employees to develop your business securely through the Internet. PC World magazine published a review of different VPN services for beginners, power users and corporate users: http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article/223044/get_started_with_a_vpn_for_beginners_power_users_and_it_pros.html


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