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Now the internet privacy is becoming the primary issue with the politicians. Florida GOP Congressman Cliff Stearns has introduced an updated web privacy bill that would claim the internet companies to expose how they’ll use all the confidential information they get. Apple responded immediately by adding the "Do Not Track" tool to its Safari Internet browser.

John Moe, the host of Marketplace Tech Report, explains that the "Do Not Track" feature prevents advertisers from chasing you while you’re surfing the internet. It is part of right for web anonymity – not to be chased. In such a way companies cannot pick the information about the things you’re buying or just looking at. Gathering this kind of information advertisers can enforce you to buy more, frequently the things that you do not need.

When the Federal Trade Commission spoke last year and recommended all browsers to have this feature, many companies simply took this as a must-have proposal. The Wall Street Journal reports, Apple is the latest to add a "Do Not Track" tool to its browser. Microsoft was the first to adopt it to Explorer, next came Mozilla with its Firefox. Google released a supplement that could be added to Сhrome. The ironic thing about Google is that it makes money from advertising, while introducing the no-chasing system it reduces its own income. But due to the contemporary situation, it doesn't want to be seen as the browser that fails to provide privacy or  security. Suchwise that is going to overrule everything.

Will the privacy bill have the future? It seems it will. The legislation is undoubtedly going this way. Every politician in Washington is concerned about the privacy laws as it is an easy way to political wins.

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