Norwegian Law Violates Peoples’ Privacy

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To satisfy the requirements of the European Union, the Norwegian Parliament approved last Monday a new data storage law. But this approval was not the easiest one; there were hot debates that lasted for nine hours until, finally, the unconvincing majority passed the measure.

According to this law, Norwegians’ communications via telephone and Internet (including e-mails) will be stored for six months. The government intends like this to help the police investigate serious crimes. But people’s privacy is not defended any more. The opponents have already claimed that this law violates a person’s rights and have called it “Orwellian”. They insist that these new measures will make “massive surveillance” legal, and are going to do everything possible to restore protecting internet privacy and to prevent the final approval of the law by the European Union.

The new data storage law will undermine people’s trust in the government. It is supposed to have social repercussions, because no one wants to live under total control. A lot of users are planning to use anonymous proxies or other available tools to somehow keep their private data secure.

Trine Skei Grande, the leader of the Liberal Party, said the following about the law's approval: “This is very, very bad. I don’t think those who voted in favor of this measure really understand the consequences that it will bring. Future generations will condemn us for what was approved tonight.”

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