TUVPN Launches its First VPN Server in Sweden

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TUVPN.COM is delighted to announce that it has launched a New VPN Server in Sweden.


Server Address:



This is the latest addition to TUVPN's global VPN network.

When you sign up with TuVPN.com you get access to its entire global network.

The server comes packed with all the usual features: OpenVPN, PPTP, and High Anonymity Proxy.

We also offer Dedicated IP VPN on this server.

All feature enhancements and network options are fully available!

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10 Responses to “TUVPN Launches its First VPN Server in Sweden”

  1. Peter Males Says:

    Great, thanks a lot… now we also have a server in the north of europe… excellent!!

  2. Tommi Says:

    Excellent. I also like the fact this server has reverse DNS switched off and should be implemented into the other servers as well.

    Speed is very good with this Swedish server as well.

  3. tuvpn Says:

    Tommi, which is the advantage that you see in having reverse DNS switched of for our VPN servers ?

    Btw, sorry but Reverse DNS is already active for that server too:

    :~$ host domain name pointer stockholm.tuvpn.com.

    But we can have a healthy discussion about it.

    TUVPN.COM Team

  4. Tommi Says:

    When I first used it lastnight it wasnt implemented than as it was just the IP showing in forum postings.

    Advantage is simple … more privacy because as it stands we have LOCATION.tuvpn.com with all servers when we surf and it isnt needed. Should be just the IP address and therefore more private & secure for the user.

    It also has nothing to do with how this network runs, dont need Reverse DNS enabled for example to connect to the servers for the users.

    As it stands this is a small privacy concern that could easily be solved. I dont know why tuvpn is insistent on having reverse DNS enabled when most of not all other vpn providers disable it by default … all its doing is saying to whoever has access to see IPs on the internet that its come from tuvpn.com.

    If your confused let me know. Perhaps you assume all one may see from users of the service is the IP address? well its the IP address and than the reverse DNS which as I have said says in black & white LOCATION for example London.tuvpn.com and it needs to be fixed please. Even something simple if you must have it to One and name all the servers as numbers but not the location & provider like you do.

    Otherwise I really like the service here.

  5. valorisa Says:


    Thanks TUVPN. A great thank for your excellent work.

    What is the next country ?


  6. valorisa Says:

    Zurich is still planned or another destination in Europe or elsewhere ?

  7. tuvpn Says:

    Tommi, let’s review our current policy re Reverse DNS.

    First point, agree that many vpn providers don’t use it (not all) but you will agree with me that there are MANY crap vpn providers that really don’t know what they are doing :).

    Second, as an example of people that ARE using it I can mention perfect-privacy.com:

    :~$ host domain name pointer london.perfect-privacy.com.

    these are people that really know what they are doing and one of our most respected fellow competitors.

    Now, let’s imagine an hypothetical situation:

    A nasty guy does (God forbid) something nasty using one of our servers. The poor target of the nastiness checks the IP, does a reverse DNS and (if not set), gets the name of the hosting provider (as the IP range belongs to the hosting provider). He/she contacts the hosting provider complaining about whatever the issue has been and after one too many complains, the hosting provider shuts down the vpn server of the vpn provider.

    With reverse DNS set, chances are (although not 100%, I will agree) that the target of the attack, after getting the reverse DNS and seeing whatever.tuvpn.com, checks our site and contacts us directly through our abuse email, avoiding this way, trouble for our hosting provider and extending the life expectancy of our vpn servers.

    This is our current way of thinking that can of course be changed given enough strong arguments.

    Your argument that the reverse DNS reveals your location (or more precisely the location of the vpn server you are using), I would say is not strong enough. The IP too reveals your location without any further need of reverse DNS. A more powerful argument is that it reveals that you are using a vpn service (as it includes tuvpn.com). This is something we are aware and considering.

    It will be nice to hear your comments on this.

    TUVPN.COM Team

  8. tuvpn Says:

    Valorisa, rest of the month we will be fully focused on delivering the new site + new forums + new ticketing system (that is good enough!).

    Next month we will go over server locations again. Maybe something outside Europe would be nice this time :).

    TUVPN.COM Team

  9. Tommi Says:

    Hello and thanks for professional response back. I understand now where your coming from and quote see below;

    ”…checks our site and contacts us directly through our abuse email, avoiding this way, trouble for our hosting provider and extending the life expectancy of our vpn servers”

    ^ Makes sense to me and clever thinking but what concerned me, not Marjorly at all as like you say one can just check IP anyhow plus I’m not going to be doing nasty things but it was the name tuvpn at the end that just made me aware.

    As you agree yourself ”A more powerful argument is that it reveals that you are using a vpn service (as it includes tuvpn.com). This is something we are aware and considering”

    ^ It is that fact which concerned me and you now hit it on the head and understand me. Its not major but something you are aware which is cool.

    I understand from your explanation why you do this. I have also heard about Perfect-Privacy as they were one of the providers I thought of using but actually chose tuvpn as they seemed more less active in customer support but I cant confirm it.

    So thanks for clearing it up for me. Yes I know many shit VPN providers who assume they offer gold when in fact they fail miserably on tests offered at this site for example http://www.ip-score.com/ which coincidentally the tuvpn servers pass all the time!

    Look forward to future additions and I know this isn’t the post for me to discuss it but as your active in it let me suggest for your shortlist double or treble cascading of various servers through the openvpn system for extra security or multi hops.

    Its like running 2/3 VPN servers together as they all go through each other. I know of only two providers who offer it. That with your proxy servers and potentially future SSH2 and the security is enough for most paranoid of users.

    Its food for thought and I want tuvpn to be the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be (Bret Hart saying)

  10. fred Says:

    ref.tuvpn.com reveals that you are using a vpn service
    still think just a ip would be better then its up to
    someone to check the ip and find its a vpn right now
    its a advert

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