Will Russia Extend its Web Censorship?

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Russia is going to create its own web laws and wants the other countries to share their experience of regulating the use of Internet. The Russian government will analyse the best examples of web regulation in other countries before drafting the new legislation.

Recently, the Russian Federal Security Service asked for access to communication services such as Skype and Gmail. The agency claimed that the "uncontrolled use of these services could lead to a large-scale threat to Russian security".

Russian internet users are afraid of the government extending web censorship. They also worry about protecting their internet privacy once the new laws are passed. These concerns became stronger after hacker attacks on the LiveJournal blogging site that led to a close down of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev's blog during more than one hour.

However, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin understated the danger of web censorship. He claimed that "the Internet is a tool for solving social and administrative problems; it is an opportunity to communicate, to express yourself, it is a tool for improving your living standards" and expressed his opinion that "it is not possible to restrict anything."

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  1. Gazduire Says:

    What happens in Russia is outrageous but is not the only “country” in the world 1 that comes in my mind … China and so on …

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