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Google’s Android Market mobile software shop was attacked by malicious software last week. The “DroidDream” application was infected with malicious code that could steal personal data from Android smartphones. Google has already used an inbuilt Android “kill-switch” to destroy the application, but thousands of smartphones were infiltrated.

In the current situation, every Android user should know how to protect his device. The easiest way to protect an Android smartphone is to lock it with a password. A strong password can protect your device from a big number of threats and helps to keep your data safe. After setting a password, you should adjust  the Screen Timeout options to a low option to lock the display shortly after the last touch.

Consider using the Phone Found – Owner Info app to display your contact information on the device’s locked home screen. If you lost your smartphone it could be returned to you, because someone if someone finds it  they will be able to see your information on the screen and return the device to you.

It’s also wise to select carefully the sites where you download your Android mobile applications from. You should choose only trustworthy sites, such as Google’s Android Market. In spite of the fact that it can also contain malware and other harmful apps, the risk of your device getting infected will be minimized. Also, you can download free or commercial Android antivirus apps that are available in the Android Market. Even if you don’t want to be running constantly an antivirus application,  you will be able to scan your device occasionally.

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