Can VPN Services Access Users’ Passwords?

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VPN connections provide their customers with safe data transmission and web anonymity. All the information your send using  a VPN is securely encrypted. Moreover, nobody can know your IP address, because it is also hidden. But  some users worry about whether it would be possible for the VPN service to see the passwords that they enter in the websites that they visit.

VPN services encrypt data travelling from your computer to the VPN servers that you use. From then on, your data is not protected anymore. However, if a web page is ssl encrypted, no one will be able to see any passwords that you might type in. Websites like Hotmail, for example, encrypt only the login process, but not the reading of the emails, whilst online banking services encrypt the whole session.

To strengthen your private data protection you can also use SSH or other "higher layer" encrypted services. These services provide end to end encryption, organizing a secure channel between two devices of the network. They ensure the confidentiality of the data transmitted over an unsecured network.”

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