How to Choose a VPN Provider?

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Protecting internet privacy and online security are very important for many users all over the world. Many people prefer to use VPN services to stay protected online. The use of VPN is reasonably thought to be one of the most reliable methods that provide you with safe internet browsing. But it is of crucial importance to choose a good VPN service provider, in order to be really protected. Selecting the best VPN is a popular topic on may internet forums where users share their experience of using different virtual private networks. We have collected some tips.

The first thing that should be taken into consideration is web anonymity. Many VPN providers give you pseudonyms, but not actual anonymity. If the company provides you with a unique IP address, it makes you uniquely identifiable because you are the only person using this IP address. Make sure that your VPN provider uses methods like crowding, multiplexing, latency normalization or traffic splitting / mixing, that can actually make you anonymous.

If you want to visit web sites that are restricted in your country, you should check in what countries your VPN provider has gateways. When using a VPN you can 'virtually' be any place in the world if there is a gateway there.

It is very important to make sure that your VPN provider doesn’t run its network on VPS/cloud servers. Cloud is an anti-privacy technology. Using a cloud or virtualized servers means that the traffic control is given up to a datacenter or cloud provider, what results in the VPN provider being weakly protected.

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