How to Access Social Networking Sites Safely

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Nowadays a lot of people can’t imagine their life without social networking sites. For many users it is the favorite way of communicating online with their friends and relatives. Social networking sites make it easier for people all over the world to stay connected. But in spite of many advantages, they enhance the opportunity for hackers to steal users’ private information.

It is recommended to tune in privacy settings to minimize the chance of data theft. However it will not protect your account if you are accessing it with public Wi-Fi. Many public places such as cafés and airports offer their customers free Wi-Fi connections that are very convenient to use, but that on the other hand can threaten your online security.

Protecting internet privacy is the main reason why a lot of users prefer to protect access to their accounts with the help of VPN. VPN service providers offer their users hotspot security  by encrypting the transmitted data, that’s why people do not need to worry about their sensitive information becoming available to third parties.

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