How to Use Wi-Fi Safely on Vacations?

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Nowadays, wireless networks are widely accessible. With summer vacations nearing, it is important to remember about safety when using Wi-Fi whilst traveling. Wi-Fi is quite convenient to use so you can stay connected everywhere, but it is not safe. Publicly available Internet is the least protected from hackers’ attacks and from personal data theft. The information transmitted over wireless networks is not encrypted, that’s why it can be easily accessed by third parties. The following tips can help you secure your Internet access

It is very important to keep your wireless connection turned off whilst you are not using it. Make sure that the options of automatic reconnection are switched off on your device. In some cases it is the ability to reconnect wireless networks without your help that can make your information visible for hackers. 

For top quality protection, consider using a VPN connection. It provides you with hotspot security by encrypting all the data transferred. It is wise to use VPN to access your company network, because VPN services create a secure tunnel between your device and the destination network. 

Make sure that you use HTTPS instead of HTTP when doing online banking or shopping transactions, or  when entering your logging details. HTTPS means that your connection is protected and the data you are typing in will be encrypted.

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