Innovations of the PROTECT IP Act

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The new US Internet censorship bill will soon be released. It’s called the PROTECT IP Act, that stands for "Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property". The new bill gives a more accurate definition of sites “dedicated to unlawful activities” and gives more ways of restricting access to them.

COICA suggested using a  DNS blocking system to limit access to foreign "rogue sites". It also asked that credit card companies and advertising networks stop working with such sites. Also, according to the PROTECT IP Act, search engines will not be allowed to show search results from seized domain names. The bill reads that this decision "responds to the concerns raised that search engines are part of the ecosystem that directs Internet user traffic and, therefore, should be part of the solution."

But search engines, credit card companies and advertising networks will be protected by the law if they “voluntarily cease doing business with infringing websites, outside of any court ordered actions.” If a search engine considers a web site to be a law infringer, not only it will be able to disable their advertising, but it will have a legal right to do so.

The PROTECT IP Act also gives the right to trademark and copyright holders to go to court and target foreign domains directly,  without government mediation. However, they won’t be able to sue search engines and internet providers, only payment processors and advertising networks.

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