South Korea Against Google and Apple over Privacy Issues

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Recently, the South Korean authorities have accused American corporations Google and Apple of comitting privacy breach, and have sent them a questionnaire that includes questions regarding the duration and frecuency of the location information storage and their  permission to collect data from their customers. The questionnaire also asks why the location data was stored in the iPhone and the Android smartphones, and why the actual data was unencrypted.

As we have already reported, Google and Apple are storing location data about their users. The companies can allegedly use this information for marketing purposes.

The answers to the questionnaire have already been received.  To review them, the Korea Communications Commission (KCC) set up a committee formed by 16 members. The members are government officials and representatives from academic, engineering and legislative circles.

“We will release the committee’s decision after taking a look at  the related laws, technologies and administrative procedures and reporting it to KCC's Chairman, Choi See-Joong,” said a representative of the KCC.  If the committee decides that the companies are in violation of the country’s privacy protection laws, they will be subject to operation bans or fines.

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