New Facebook in China

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Facebook is collaborating with Baidu, the Chinese search engine, to launch a new social networking site in China. To be allowed in the country, the site should have censor-friendly options. Facebook is said to  have accepted the requirements of the government’s censorship in order to launch the site in China, because this market is potentially profitable for the company.

All the users will have access to the new site, but their stored private data will be made available to the government. “When Facebook users outside China connect with users inside the country, sources say they will need to click through a warning message stating that any material visible to Chinese users may also be visible to the Chinese government,” – All Things Digital reports. Facebook also might be using input and display filters that will not allow Chinese users to see and post things that contradict the government’s policies.

The creation of the site seems like a weak compromise between the company and  the Chinese government. After  the demonstrations in Egypt and Libya, Facebook became a place for free speech and personal liberties. If the new site is censored, it will be a step toward the limitation of increased internet freedom.

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