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Spotify, a Swedish music streaming service, nowadays is looking like a full-fledged replacement. for iTunes. Music can be browsed by artist, album, record label, genre or playlist as well as by direct searches. On  thedesktop there is a link  that allows the listener to purchase their selected material via partner retailers.

Spotify is currently available mostly in Western European countries due to licensing restrictions. Nevertheless, a lot of non-Europeans are already using the service. Naturally, they use virtual private network (VPN) services.

A VPN acts as an invisible buffer between your computer and the Internet. Spotify actually cares about where your web traffic is coming from. And, with the right VPN service provider, your web traffic can appear to be coming from any country you want. If your VPN server is located in a foreign country, it would be like if you actually were located also  in that foreign country.

Here are few tips on using Spotify with a VPN. When choosing a VPN service provider, consider the one with the VPN server located in the country where you want your traffic to come from. This is an advice for accessing any geolocked content, not only Spotify. Once you’re set up with a VPN provider, choose a VPN server through which to route your traffic. Open up in an internet  browser.  If you get an error “Spotify isn’t supported in your country yet", then select a different gateway or port until you find one that works. Click on “Get Spotify” link at the top of the page. You’ll be presented with various subscription options.  Install and launch Spotify.

Log in to the system, making sure that you’re still logged into the same VPN gateway you used to sign up for your account. Once Spotify is up and running, you can shut off the VPN or hop over to a local, domestic gateway for improved speed.  Spotify allows a certain amount of  listening time from "abroad", so you needn’t worry about being detected and losing your account.

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