Microsoft’s Useful Tips for Privacy Protection

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This year, Privacy Awareness Week is taking place from the 1st  to the 7th of May. It is an annual event organized by Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities (APPA). The main aim of the organizers is to inform users about privacy issues and to help them defend their personal information. In connection with this event, Microsoft is giving some useful tips about protecting internet privacy in its blog. The article focuses on:

  • Personal Computer
  • Web Browser
  • Wireless Home Network
  • Personal Internet “Cloud”
  • Toys and Gadgets

First of all, it is necessary to avoid giving out your information to companies that you don’t trust. It is also safer to type in web addresses for banks and online services than to follow links that could lead you to trap sites.

Secondly, it is essential to update your software, especially your antivirus, and to install on your computer only trusted software, because malicious one can store your personal information. If a computer has malicious software installed, it can transmit your private data to the third party without notification. That’s why some services allow using temporary passwords on the computers that you don’t trust.

Moreover, if you have a wireless home network, make sure it is used only by authorized users. The wireless network should have at least Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA), use a unique access point (network) name, and be protected with a password. Otherwise anyone else can use it to watch your online activity or to do illegal things that may compromise you.

Do not take lightly the advice to use strong passwords. Password protection is important not only for wireless networks but also for your social network accounts, e-mail and any personal internet “cloud”. Be creative when you create them, remember to change them from time to time and try to use different passwords for services you use. It will help you to protect your personal information from theft.

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