How to Protect Android Devices

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Recently, Motorola’s  and Sprint’s representatives announced that this summer the companies are launching a new dual-core Android 2.3 device called the Photon 4G. Dan Hesse, Sprint CEO, claimed that they have worked over the years “to bring top of the line devices to our customers across both prepaid and postpaid brands.”

The popularity of Android devices is increasing every day, and that’s why they became one of the major targets for hackers’ attacks. The fact that these smartphones don’t work perfectly with traditional Internet Security and Anti Virus/Malware packages only intensifies the interest of cyber criminals.

Moreover, many companies provide the employees with smartphones. According to Symantec’s own research, 62% of workers use these devises to get access to corporate files, especially when they are on vacation. This jeopardizes the security of the organizations.

There are several ways of minimizing the risk of Android devices being hacked. One of them is to allow the employees to use only those applications that are approved by the company's management. But the employees, in turn, could consider such regulations and limitations to be a violation of their rights.

That’s why the most preferable way is the use of VPN services to guarantee the security. All the modern smart devices support VPN and the Photon 4G is not an exception.  Nowadays there are various Android VPN services that provide high level of anonymity for their users, security in data transmission and protection of their customers’ Internet privacy.

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