INET Conference Raised the Question of Internet Safety

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There were a plenty of topics discussed at the Internet Society NY INET conference. The members of the conference debated the questions of protecting internet privacy, safety web browsing and availability of internet access. One of the key speakers of the conference Vint Cerf accentuated that nowadays it is very important to provide safety mechanisms that will protect us from cybercriminals on the one hand and will guarantee freedom of expression and keeping of anonymity on the other hand.

A lot of organizations including ISOC try to create international policies and technologies that will be able both to protect users’ online anonymity and to identify those who commit internet crimes. This is very difficult task to satisfy competing concerns and provide protection of people’s rights on internet.

There are a lot of cases when people have to use high anonymity web to protect their identity from hackers or repressive authorities. They do everything possible to remain anonymous. However, strong identification is essential while doing online shopping or banking. It is obvious that everyone will prefer to fill in a long application form in order to prevent money theft by the third party that has stolen your ID.

Cerf suggests that strong authentication can provide users reliable protection from spam or viruses because in this case people can accept e-mails and files only from trustworthy sources. He also believes that in order to stop cybercrime we need to develop international agreements that will be accepted by all states.

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