New EU Data Protection Rules

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It is reported that the European Union is going to introduce new data protection rules. Viviane Reding, European Union justice commissioner, claimed that the new legislation would oblige all the companies to inform their customers should a case of personal information theft  occur.

However, this is not the only innovation. According to Viviane Reding, it is also planned to adopt the “right to be forgotten”, that will allow users to delete sensitive information about them from websites, and the “accountability principle”, aimed to make cloud computing usage more protected.

Nowadays, protecting internet privacy concerns almost everybody, that’s why the news caused controversy among experts. Some of them welcome it. They consider that the new rules will return customers’ trust in businesses because they will be sure that their personal information is safe, but that they will also stimulate the companies to improve their customers’ privacy protection policies. Mike Smart, solutions director, EMEA at SafeNet says that the changes “will drive the natural market mechanisms towards improving security compliance and achieving better protection of customers’ interests.”

Nevertheless, a lot of people think that these rules need to be improved before adopting them; otherwise it would be hard to implement them. Paul Davis, leader of FireEye, predicts that the new rules will likely “increase the visibility of security breaches and cause further panic about the safety of online data.” 

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