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As you may have realised, we have been quite active lately :

What shall we do next ? As usual, we think the best idea is to ask you, so have your say !


And feel free to leave a comment related to this here, or in our forums ! Waiting to hear from you !

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12 Responses to “What do you want TUVPN to do next ? Have your say !”

  1. Peter Males Says:

    Maybe it would be a good idea to have a self-made client with additional functionality (like hide my ass e.g.). This client could have a program that keeps track of the vpn-connection. If the connection should be down, this program could shut down or block all applications that you can determine on your own. So that some defined applications will only work if the connection is all right.

  2. hmm Says:

    I agree with peter a built in kill switch if vpn goes down or drops connection. I have tried vpncheck and vpnmon with not very good results if this could be added to a client that would be great the service is excellent best vpn i have used by far a few more servers in different locations would be great keep up the good work

  3. valorisa Says:


    It is possible to link together 2 or more VPN servers and like this to strenghten security and privacy ?

    As well, it is possible to offer more than 5 ports ?

    Thanks and continue yours improvements…


  4. Peter Males Says:

    I’m just wondering why to add Private Disk Space within the TUVPN network… what good reasons are there for this option? My 2 favorite options are whether creating a VPN client software which will add usable functionality to the VPN-Service or to add new servers in new countries to broaden the spectrum of available servers. I think in the long term of time a client software will be a really nice feature…

    Thanks to TUVPN for the great service…

  5. Tim Says:

    I think expansion of the servers into different locations is good but also new protocols such as SSTP which is really good for Windows 7 & Vista or SSH2, Socks5 proxies.

    Something else is the ability to chain proxies and/or VPN servers so several can run through together.

    For me, at the moment I like to see another location and then SSTP or Socks5 implemented as well.

  6. Randomuser Says:

    Dear god, please don’t force us to use a custom software(optional is fine, but not MUST use).

    OpenVPN is a wonderful, robust and low resource using solution that does _exactly_ what I want it to do.
    With a simple firewall ban of ranges outside of 10.*.*.* you can prevent any connection going out or in that does not go through the VPN best I know, and that works fine for me with application specific restriction just using the Win7 firewall.

    Cheaper pricing means lower entry barrier for any interested customers.

    I’d rather have “only” 5 really good servers at a highly competitive price than 10 servers of which I only use 3 and feel like I am wasting money.

    Maybe a dual structure of 3-5 servers for 30% cheaper, all servers for 30% more per plan(shared IP plan A, B and dedicated IP plan A and B. Maybe call them “light” and full or so. Light would then be 5 EUR a month for 1 month, 25 eur for 6 months, whereas full would be the current pricing).

  7. Peter Males Says:

    Is chaining vpn-servers an easy setup? It sounds interesting… I don’t know any VPN-Provider at the moment who allows to chain several servers. But chaining two servers also means to double the traffic per user. The server load will raise. If chaining 3 servers the traffic will triple… maybe this will be a problem…

    @TUVPN: Is chaining several servers imaginable to you?

  8. Tim Says:

    Several VPN providers do offer chaining (cascading) of the VPN servers but they aren’t the same quality like TUVPN is!

    The setup I have no idea but from looking at the ones who do it, they have a special config on the servers just for the cascading. So in the OpenVPN menu for those who use that you would have the standard option and then the double with which server it chains into.

    It would mean double the traffic per user but that is good and means more anonymity as the traffic is all congested through one IP address rather then several as many providers use, which isn’t anonymous at all.

    At the moment you can chain 3 servers via OpenVPN. First is the http proxy which connects into OpenVPN and then through the VPN server and into another proxy to the web browser. I seen no problems with it at all, speeds are good.

    What would probably be easier to implement and to keep privacy higher while not messing about with the VPN servers much is adding Socks5 proxy support which supports more protocols then HTTP does or implement SSH2 which could be connected into by the user and then from that into L2TP or OpenVPN etc and onwards … not complicated and tuvpn’s friendly competitor Perfect privacy offer that already with many happy customers.

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  10. Ron Says:

    Great to see tuvpn testing SSH-2 for the network. This will make it all, even more secure, private and anonymous.

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  12. Lucas Says:

    What I would love to see is the option to be able to download the individual server certificate config files for OpenVPN (And other protocols if applicable) i.e when new servers come out and for the existing ones instead of simply relying on installing the software.

    I have had it when my computer has started an error and some of the config files from my openvpn folder have gone but not all have gone. Instead I have to install all software again when it much easier for indidual files. Most other suppliers do this upon request and so I ask humbly will tuvpn do aswell?

    thank you

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