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Dear All,

We wanted to update you regarding status of our Fench server in Roubaix, and plans to re-launch a server in Switzerland.


On the 29th of June, we released a news article on the unavailability of our VPN server in Roubaix. Read more.

We are continuing to follow this up with the reseller, while looking for an alternative solution. We apologise again for this inconvenience.


We are very happy to announce that at the end of this week, TUVPN will be launching a new server in Switzerland.

We will be publishing a news relase to confirm its launch.

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3 Responses to “UPDATE – French & Swiss VPN Server News”

  1. TUVPN is the best Says:

    That’s really good news.

  2. French Says:

    When will French server be back on-line? perhaps you should ditch the current provider and go with another? If France is too ”fussy” then places near like Belgium or Lichtenstein would be good.

  3. tuvpn Says:

    Hello there,

    We have already ditched current provider. Issue is that is really difficult (impossible up to now) to find a French hosting provider that will provide a dedicated server to a non EU company (we are registered in Singapore as you may know).

    So we are trying to find a solution (preferably within France). Will consider your proposal.

    TUVPN.COM Team

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