Find the Best VPN Protocol for you: VPN Comparison Table

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As the number of VPN technologies supported by TUVPN grows (with the new addition of SSH2 Tunnels), we have deemed it appropriate to provide the TUVPN users with access to a simple table. This table details the different VPN protocols available, highlighting strengths and weaknesses, use cases, level of security, speed etc. In summary, all the information that we think should help our users to decide what is best for their needs.

We think this information is very interesting too for the wider VPN user community, many of whom without being TUVPN users, are readers of our blog. So here you have a screenshot of the table. Just click on it and you will have access to the full table.

Hope you find it enlightening!

VPN Protocols Comparison Table

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2 Responses to “Find the Best VPN Protocol for you: VPN Comparison Table”

  1. Peter Males Says:

    Thanks for this… really useful post to get an impression of the basic things… I think there are a lot of people searching for such a kind of table in order to get a first impression of the different protocols and their features…

  2. Dave Raybould Says:

    Thanks, very helpful and it means I can go ahead and get a VPN using OpenVPN.

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