TUVPN unveils SSH2 Tunneling Support

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TUVPN SSH2 Tunnel Support

After some weeks of hard work, we have the first beta server (erfurt.tuvpn.com) supporting SSH2 Tunnels ready for you to try!

In our pursuit of providing maximum choice for our users, we felt that SSH2 Tunnels would be complementary to the currently supported VPN protocols (OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPSec) due to its special characteristics.


Let's see what makes SSH2 Tunnels special:

  • Ability to protect just certain applications (encryption through the tunnel) on an individual basis while leaving others unencrypted (using your normal internet connection). This will allow you to enjoy full speed of your internet connection for applications where data encryption is not necessary.

For example: You could protect (so send through the SSH2 tunnel) just VOIP communications (e.g Skype) while using your normal internet connection for all other internet related services such as web browsing, online gaming etc.

  • Complete assurance that if the SSH2 tunnel goes down no additional traffic will reach the internet. This is something that many of our users have asked us how to do and a feature that is inherent to the way SSH2 Tunnels are built.

These two features make SSH2 Tunnels quite interesting and an answer to many user's needs. Additionally, SSH2 tunnels offer extreme encryption using AES cipher with 256bit key. This is the strongest encryption offered by TUVPN and is on par with the encryption offered with our OpenVPN solution.

We have created a tutorial for Windows 7 operating system:

Windows 7 SSH2 Tunnel (Protecting Standalone Applications)

Tutorials for other operating systems will follow.


And remember, as with all TUVPN feature enhancements, SSH2 Tunnels are available to all our account holders immediately at no additional cost!

Feel free to test SSH2 Tunnels on our erfurt.tuvpn.com VPN Server. Remember that this is still in beta phase. If you confront any issues, please let us know by way of comment here, in our forums or through support. We always really appreciate your feedback.


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9 Responses to “TUVPN unveils SSH2 Tunneling Support”

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  2. Great Says:

    Brilliant addition to the already GREAT service provided by tuvpn!!!

  3. Peter Males Says:

    Nice to hear that. I’m now excited for the WinXP tutorial. I followed the steps described for Win7. I made all settings according to the describtions but it didn’t work for me. I don’t think that there should be a big difference between WinXP and Win7. The procedure to establish a connection using ssh2 is obvious. But all applications routed to the port did not work (i.e. Firefox, Vuze). I still don’t understand why.

  4. Tim Says:

    I had trouble. Used the Win7 tutorial with Windows 7 and tried to connect via the SSH but not luck. Also I then tried to bridge it towards the OpenVPN application and so like with another provider (Perfect-privacy) who are friends of tuvpn, this would provide more protection with the SSH tunnel connecting with the VPN and onwards to the internet.

    I tried settings in OpenVPN with ports 7070 and then 61 with and then the German address that tuvpn has the SSH on, but with no luck. In fact this then disconnected me from connecting to the whole tuvpn service for several hours.

    What I would like to see is a guide on how to set-up the SSH so it bridges/connects with the OpenVPN application and into the servers tuvpn provides, in other words cascading it, which can be done as its already provided by Perfect Privacy with SSH but I think we need to set-up certificates or something.


  5. tuvpn Says:

    Hi Peter and Tim.

    Can you both open tickets in Support https://support.tuvpn.com/ so we can follow this up. With Win7 it should work as per the tutorial, we have other users using it and we have been testing thoroughly without a problem. Regarding Win XP we haven’t tried yet but as Peter says, it should be the same. We will troubleshoot via Support.

    Regarding cascading Tim, one step a time :). We have much work to do with SSH2 tutorials for other Win systems, Mac and Linux. Then we need to focus a bit on our network (we plan adding a couple more servers in coming weeks) and then maybe we will have some free time! ūüėÄ We have been asked several times about cascading (vpn servers, proxy servers …) so we will definitely look into it.

    Thanks for your comments!

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