Next Location For VPN Servers – What Do You Suggest?

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Now that we have our new VPN client development rolling, we want to add a few more VPN servers to our already comprehensive list. Our objective is to reach 20 countries within TUVPN's network by the end of the year!

We have already committed to a new server in Russia as soon as possible, but then it is up to you! Let us know from this list of possible countries which ones you would like to be added to our network! Help us shape TUVPN!

If you have additional suggestions, let us know and we will add them to the list!

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27 Responses to “Next Location For VPN Servers – What Do You Suggest?”

  1. daddy Says:

    Great idea

    Few more locations to add


  2. Lucas Says:

    hahahaha The Aussie’s aint got ONE vote yet! someone be merciful and give um a vote! 🙂

  3. DrTeeth Says:


  4. Big Bobby Says:

    Close race for finish. This is the leader board

    Czech Rep
    Hong Kong
    Costa Rica

    Think its 10 more nations tuvpn needs to reach its target of 20 by years end? if so these are the ones that thus far make the grade. Egypt & Iceland battle it out behind Estonia.

    These locations look good. Southern Europe, more eastwards with Italy. Plenty of Eastern European nations which as yet we dont have apart from Romania which is more Southern in the east.

    Czech Rep is a good central European location. Estonia is North East with Lithuania. Denmark for the North, France returning hopefully and great locations with Costa Rica & Panama for central America.

    Hong Kong for Asia.

  5. valorisa Says:


  6. Lucas Says:

    These are the ones that we will have as new locations in the future from the looks of the voting and as we need 20 by the end of the year its another 9 we need.

    Hong Kong

    Its then a battle for 9th Final place with;

    Costa Rica

    I much rather have Panama or Costa Rica.

  7. Lucas Says:

    Sorry off topic but what I would love to see is the option to be able to download the individual server certificate config files for OpenVPN (And other protocols if applicable) i.e when new servers come out and for the existing ones instead of simply relying on installing the software.
    I have had it when my computer has started an error and some of the config files from my openvpn folder have gone but not all have gone. Instead I have to install all software again when it much easier for indidual files. Most other suppliers do this upon request and so I ask humbly will tuvpn do aswell?
    thank you

  8. hmm Says:

    Moldova would be good choice

  9. Blog TUVPN.COM - New VPN Server in Odessa (Ukraine)! Says:

    […] location ticked off from your suggestions list and twelfth country in our map: […]

  10. tuvpn Says:

    First country ticked off the list! Ukraine! Keep voting! 🙂

    TUVPN.COM Team

  11. dick Says:

    Dont know why we need more USA cities, we alreayd got x2! If more do come then why not look at places like Alaska, Hawai, Puerto Rico and Texas. Space them servers out more. Perhaps a server on the EAST coast in Florida or New YORK.

  12. Phil MNK Says:

    it would be nice to have a french servers for replay TV (TF1, M6, etc …)
    thank you

  13. Leggy Wife Says:

    Hong Kong

  14. tuvpn Says:

    Thanks to all for all your input!.

    Regarding additional countries suggestions that are not in the list, instead of adding them to the current one (that will make it difficult for new countries to reach top positions), we will later on do another poll with just the new countries suggested in these comments.

    Lucas, what you say about countries list in OpenVPN, will be fixed with new OpenVPN client:
    Hopefully we will have a beta available in the next few weeks.

    Dick, we have the idea of another server in the East coast in our mind. We wanted to know how much priority this was for our users, but seems that it is not.

    And Phil, we are trying really hard to find a hosting providers that DOESN’T BAN non french/EU customers. It is REALLY difficult (would seem impossible up to now), will keep scanning, but if any of you has a tip it would be really great.

    TUVPN.COM Team

  15. Leggy Wife Says:

    Great stuff. Is a Russian server already in the pipeline?

  16. Tip For France Says:

    Hopefully you will get up and running a French server. I know about the issues with the French ISPs and they being very strict with anything nowadays.

    Some companies are more lax then OVH systems which was the last host? they are known to be funny.

    Here is a list of a few that you should try.

    Silicomp Ingenierie –
    Proxad –
    Neuf Cegetel –
    Renater –

    Neuf Cegetel seem a good one but you really just need to see what they offer.

    Perhaps someone who has used other VPN providers with French servers can share the host for them. I know the many that have used OVH Systems always end up in time losing that server.

  17. Tom Says:

    For next poll consider aswell

    The Bahamas
    The Seychelles

  18. tuvpn Says:

    Hi there again,

    Russia, not by now. As we have added Ukraine that area is already covered. Looking now at the next in the list France. Thanks for the tips! Currently researching on them. And yes, we had a hell of a time with OVH.

    Keeping all other countries proposals for next poll!

    TUVPN.COM Team

  19. Leggy Wife Says:

    Lovely work. So in the meantime you have in the pipeline plans for the following server locations;

    Czech Rep

  20. tuvpn Says:

    Those server locations are in the pipeline BUT we will start a little bit below on the list:

    Hong Kong! We hope to have a server there in few days. We need to care a little bit more for our Asian customers and a server there was due.

    We have nevertheless selected hosting locations in both ITALY AND CZECH REPUBLIC and continue our struggle to find something in France (sorry but the tips you gave, didn’t work out!).

    But anyway, keep voting!

    TUVPN.COM Team

  21. Jono Says:

    Regarding the French server,
    as your on good terms with the well respected Perfect-Privacy, could you not liaise with them about possibly sharing the Paris server they have? or at the very least asking them the name of the provider?

    It seems they are using a VPS on that French server and this maybe the way around the foreigners (non-french) having a server of this nature in France.

    Also any ideas when Hong Kong will be released and do you have plans to offer more then one connection from the same user account?

    Many thanks and keep up the GREAT GREAT WORK!!!

  22. tuvpn Says:

    Answering to Jono.

    Bad news regarding Hong Kong. We prepared the server and was ready to add it to service, but performance was dismal. We have been arguing with hosting provider for a couple of days but costs to guarantee a minimal (and very minimal indeed) international bandwidth were prohibitive. As we considered senseless to add a server just for the sake of having another name in the map without keeping the quality that we aim to provide, we have returned the server and will restart our search in the region. Issue in all Asian area is huge bandwidth costs (up to x100 compared to Europe and USA). But we will keep trying!

    So we are going back to the list!

    By now we are immediately deploying a new server in UK due to demand of dedicated IPs there (we are nearly depleted).

    Then USA East coast, France and Italy are coming while we keep researching on Asia.

    TUVPN.COM Team

  23. Jono Says:

    Nevermind. I know what you mean with the bandwidth in Asia. The other vpn providers would just add it for the sake of having that extra name but at the end of the day performance would be dire!

    Are you guys still thinking about the Czech Rep?

  24. Jono Says:

    Is Lithuania on the cards for a future addition? doing well in the poll and has great security, speeds plus no probz with p2p 🙂

  25. Carter Says:

    Anymore news when the next server will be released?

  26. Benji Says:

    Hows the list coming on.

  27. Jono Says:

    Hope your okay with the search for good hosting providers at the locations. I have a VERY GOOD recommendation for the Czech Rep in FinalTek who offer various services incl what is needed for hosting what you work with. Checkout comes under something like internet services and they are easy to work with, very good privacy, security and dont stick their nose in other peoples business.

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