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Dear All,

In our recent blog entitled "Ukash Suspension" , we had to inform you that Ukash was terminating our merchant account due to new merchant terms of use.

We have been reading your comments to this blog article and taking them very seriously. We always appreciate your comments.

We have looked at two alternatives to Ukash – PaySafeCard & Liberty Reserve.

Let us share our conclusions with you and seek your feedback once more.

Liberty Reserve – We have had requests for this before. Following some thorough research, we understand from within the VPN industry that the vast majority of customers using this payment processor tend to exhibit characteristics that we would rather not have on our network. Hoping this makes sense to you.

PaySafeCard – This is our preferred alternative, and also an option recommended by you. It would seem that we could have this implemented within one week of placing the order. However, we want to be open with you. Ukash payment processing costs have been 8%. This is by far the most expensive processing costs of any of our payment processing options. We have always taken this cost. The PaySafeCard processing fees will be 18%. We thought 8% was high! We would be happy to implement this and continue to take 8% of this fee, but we would look to pass on 10% of the fee to customers utilising this payment processing method.

We can assure you that we always try to offer our services at the best rates possible, but hope that potential users of this payment method can understand our approach here.

We hope this is good news for our current valued Ukash users, but as always look forward to your thoughts.


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11 Responses to “Ukash Alternative”

  1. Benji Says:

    Good to see you working around this. Not used this system myself so it doesn’t concern me, use Moneybookers which is very good.

    I would suggest that you think about making it more easier for anonymous payments to be made by using technologies such as SMS payments with systems such as and

  2. Marco Says:

    Very happy to see that you have decided to offer PaySafeCard to your customers. I’ve used it before, with good result (it’s as simple as Ukash).

    Now, I will keep using TuVPN 🙂

  3. Peter Males Says:

    I think those who really insist on anonymous payment processing will not be that scared about the 10% more. For a six month plan this would mean 3,40€ in addition. So a six month plan would cost 37,40€ in total finally, wouldn’t it. I think that’s still a good price.

  4. Peter Says:

    I agree, the 10 % more is fine, as long as you offer an anonymous payment alternative. Wonderful to hear that you will implement PaySafeCard support.

  5. judy Says:

    It ´s nice to see that you are offering more possibilities to pay online! I´ve been using paysafecard for a couple of years no and it works allright

  6. Joe Says:

    I think paysafecard is the way to go it is easier to use and really anonymous it’s just like ukash.

  7. A Non Says:

    I just logged in for the first time in a good few weeks only to discover that Ukash had taken leave of their senses. VPN customers expect privacy, or why else would they have a VPN, and as TUVPN has said on the other post it is patently ridiculous for a company trading on the provision of anonymity to deny the same to the customers of a VPN provider. To hell with them, Paysafecard it is then.

    I would ask though that TUVPN do their best to keep the cost of a package at a stable and hopefully relatively low level to help absorb the increased cost of using this new method, and if an alternative should arise then by all means have a look at them too.

    In the meantime, well done to TUVPN for not sitting on their laurels and for finding a solution for those of us who do not wish to disclose our identities by any means. It is after all why we are with TUVPN. Thank you

  8. Marku Says:

    It’s great news
    You’ve make my day as I had some difficulties to get Ukash vouchers.
    Your faithful customer

  9. imago.1234 Says:

    I`m sorry to hear about problems with UKASH but if the PaySafeCard will be provided as soon as possible I think it would be great alternative. Many clients are interested in secure payment metods and anonymity, hope we can see new payment methods really soon, because I really like TUvpn service and dont wanna look for other alternative that might be much worse

  10. DonP Says:

    When paysafecard is finally available?
    I wait a little impatient.
    A very satisfied customer.

  11. tuvpn Says:

    Hi there,

    We plan to have PaySafeCard up&running by the end of this week, beginning of next. We are doing final tests.

    Thanks for your interest!

    TUVPN.COM Team

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