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Dear Customers

We bring you disappointing news from Ukash.

We have received notice that from the 4th of January 2012, TUVPN.COM customers will be unable to process payments via Ukash.


Ukash's reason for no longer offering the service to TUVPN?

They now regard any service that blocks the IP of an online customer as being open to "facilitating malicious activity". Ukash's NEW merchant terms of use exclude businesses that offer such a service from utilising the Ukash payment processing solution.

You can be assured that we have had a rather vigorous discussion with Ukash's Chief Risk Officer. He has advised us that while they do not like to turn away our business, their Board of Directors have made the decision and it has no flexibility. We pointed out the irony of a payment processor that provides for customer anonymity, creating rules that prevent businesses offering anonymity services from using their payment service. The reply we received was, "perhaps its the combination of our two businesses that is the problem"…. We pointed out a list of other online business that use Ukash that could "facilitate malicious activity". We did not get much argument. It would seem that logic, common sense, and reason has flown out the window in this instance!


For those customer's wishing to use UKash. We suggest you top-up your TUVPN account before the 4th of January, 2012.

After this date, you will need to use our other payment options. This includes 2Checkout where all major credit cards and Paypal can be used, and separately Moneybookers.


Thank you for your continued custom.


The Team at TUVPN

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9 Responses to “Ukash Suspension”

  1. Joe Says:

    I’m very disappointed, this is ridiculous, every time I buy VPN services the first thing I do is to check whitch payment methods are available, and ukash is my favourite as it’s safe and anoymous and this is very important for online transactions and especially for VPN services, that said I hope you (tuvpn) will find another company similar to ukash because if you do not I think you will lose many customers and potential customers who are really concerned about their privacy, and this is not good for you and your customers because your services are excellent but without an anonymous paying system there’s no deal.

  2. & Mac Says:

    I second what the previous customer said…
    No need to paraphrase him, I just also hope You’ll find an anonymous solution to this annoying problem !

  3. Henric Says:

    I agree with Joe, you should try to find a similiar service. TUVPN should look at PaySafeCard.

  4. Noah Says:

    Have you (TUVPN) contacted PaySafe? It is usually available in regions where Ukash is sold, and is just as reliable.
    Regrettably, the services you offer (PayPal and Monebookers) are not anonymous, so unless you replace Ukash you will probably lose many subscribers.

  5. Joe Says:

    Please offer PaySafeCard as an alternative!

  6. tuvpn Says:


    Please check:

    We are addressing the PaySafeCard option there.

    Thanks for your input!

    TUVPN.COM Team

  7. mr m burrows. Says:

    So what am I supposed to do?, I recently purchased a ukash voucher for £189 on 11/01/2012 to pay off a loan, I did not use the voucher because the amount was different to what the Loan company wanted. If it was discontinued on 04/01/2012 then why the hell are paypoints still issuing them?. So I now learn I am stuck with a worthless bit of paper for £189. How can i get my money-back!!!!?. If I can???. Any info would-be appreciated.

  8. tuvpn Says:

    mr m burrows, it is not like UKash has disappeared. They just don’t want to have VPN providers as customers any longer. So you can use your voucher elsewhere.

    TUVPN.COM Team

  9. fred Says:

    anonimity is a vital part of a vpn service and unless you hurry up with the paysafe option of payment i will be moving to another service when my balance runs out. This would be a great shame as the service you provide is otherwise first class.

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