Protecting your VPN traffic with VPNCheck (OpenVPN)

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Before you start following article you need setup TUVPN OpenVPN client. You can find the guide in our tutorials section.

You will first need to install VPNcheck. You can get a free version from this link.

  1. Install the VPNcheck.
  2. Click on the Config button as seen on following screenshot:


  3. Select the application you want to protect (so the one you want to be closed if your VPN connection goes down). Click on Add file button and select for example Firefox:


  4. There are two check boxes Close and Autorun mark them both and close the window:


  5. Activate your VPN session by using TUVPN OpenVPN client. You will see the green icon once you are connected. VPNcheck is monitoring it. Now you can start using Firefox:


  6. Right click on the OpenVPN icon and disconnect your VPN. Once it is disconnected your selected application, Firefox in our example, will close automatically, so no browsing without VPN!


  7. Release your network by clicking Cycle IP: Network button. Now you can re connect through your OpenVPN client:

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