The Importance of Standard Connections Even as 5G Arrives in New York

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While some might think it a future technology, 5G wave networks are already here, albeit in limited release. And while there are plenty of reports on the current usage and changes related to the technology, we are now starting to see larger 5G coverage in major metropolitan areas, perhaps most notable among them New York City.

Yet while this happens, some might be concerned or wondering if these cities will become primarily mobile-internet based, much like some areas and cities around the world (mostly in Asia) where mobile internet is the primary point of access and the smartphone is the primary device for most people. Is there a shift that is going to be taking place?

The answer is no, and here are some reasons this should not and will not be happening:

Internet is Inexpensive and Readily Available

New York City has one of the best internet infrastructures in the world, and anyone living in or around it can easily have a wide variety of service providers to choose from, not only effectively. And in terms of value, it is one of the best places to look for service in the country.
While on the go New Yorkers may be more reliant on their data plans, but not all of them are unlimited yet, nor are they affordable for every resident. This means that the existing structures will have to remain and improve, likely working in conjunction with new technologies as they always have.

5G Isn’t as Revolutionary as You Might Believe

While previous generations of mobile internet technology truly changed what could and couldn’t be done on smartphones and related devices, there’s currently no evidence to show that there will be a similar trend with 5G. Based on most predictions, download speeds will be faster, but it will just make existing processes better, not allow for any new ones.
While innovation might occur, meaning that even faster download speeds, we suspect they will not first occur on a mobile device, and instead occur on the other devices connected to standard internet networks.
Future Planning and Projects

Whether one loves or hates the idea, there are constantly ideas about smart cities being developed and potentially implemented in the future, and while there are privacy concerns as well as optimism about the increased access to information, what it will require is internet access and infrastructure that wired connections and related wireless services can provide, being both cheaper, more widespread, and reliable. Momentum is a powerful force, and it is unlikely cities such as New York will be changing course anytime soon.


The issue and conundrum are not just limited to New York City, it just happens to be on the cutting edge. There will be additional cities that gain earlier access to the technology, and like before, they will have to decide what they want to invest in technologically and where. We recommend you stay aware of future developments and make sure you are able to take advantage of both new and existing technologies.

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