Watching BBC outside United Kingdom

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Now we get a lot of questions considering “How to unlock BBC outside United Kingdom”. That would be the topic for my blog.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is a British public service broadcasting statutory corporation. “Our mission is to enrich people's lives with programmes and service that inform, educate and entertain” – as they are saying. In simple words BBC are the Worldwide last news, programs and s. o. It is the largest broadcaster in the world by number of employees all over the world. The Headquarters are situated in London.

Even though the online version of BBC is great service with the latest worldwide news, it comes with a severe limitation. The BBC One programs and TV shows are available only inside United Kingdom. So if you try to go to see live news from any other country, you will see a Content Unavailable message.

The BBC is now one of the most popular and biggest channels, but it doesn't have rights to broadcast its programs outside UK. That is why it uses special techniques to set the location of its users.

We see the prohibition from our countries, but anyway it is possible to watch BBC programs outside UK. The most important thing we need to know is that you only need to have the UK IP address. TUVPN (the VPN provider) has servers in 7 countries all over the world! Including United Kingdom. It has two servers in London what is more then enough.

All you need to do is to follow some simple steps to set up the VPN provider TUVPN:

1. First you go to «BUY» page to order the service.
2. Download the application using the tutorials.
The link is required.
3. After setting up choose the server you need. In our case we need or

Enjoy your programs!

A little bit about PRISM

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People often ask questions about how to protect your privacy in the global system of interconnected computer networks from online spy programs. One of them is the PRISM data mining program which we are going to talk about.

    Prism is a national security electronic surveillance program operated by the United States National Security Agency and formally is classified as Total Secret. It was created in 2007 but the public had read about it only in June 6 , 2013 in the articles published by The Guardian and The Washington Post. It was saying that Prism is “the number one source of raw intelligence used for NSA analytic reports.”

    The director of National Intelligence (DNI) James R. Clapper confirmed the existence of Prism and said that the program operates in accordance with the law of the foreign intelligence service, the recently revised by the U.S. Congress. According to statements of special services a lot of large companies went on the active cooperation providing the access for security services to the servers like Microsoft (Hotmail), Google (Google Mail), Yahoo!, Facebook, YouTube, Skype, AOL, Apple and Paltalk. According to estimates from the Washington Post in 2010, the daily data collection system NSA (including PRISM) intercepted and recorded about 1.7 billion phone calls and e-mails

    How to protect your privacy. It's simple! Get a VPN. Because when connected to VPN, the connection with internet and traffic are sent through the encrypted channel and your computer or mobile device is masked by the other IP- address. TUVPN is really great for such cases. We have 9 servers in 7 countries and more then 100 IP addresses. TUVPN is not recording the logs of connection. That means that none would see what service do you visit.

    And for sure it is very simple to set it up. Here are some steps:
1. First you go to «BUY» page to order the service.
2. Download the application using the tutorials.
The link is required.
3. After setting up choose the server you need.

Using Skype without any limitations

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Hello everyone. Welcome back! I hope the previous blog was useful and helped you to open Netflix for yourself. This time I will try not to disappoint you!

    The topic will be dedicated to unblocking Skype in the countries where it is prohibited.
Skype is a proprietary voice-over-IP service and software application. And who does not know this word! I really like there slogan: “Skype is for doing things together whenever you're apart. Skype's text, voice and video make it simple to share experiences with the that matter to you, wherever they are”. Reading these words you understand that is done for people. It makes simpler to work (international meetings online, business and s.o.), to travel (talk to your parents, friends, relatives that are far far away)…
    This service is available for almost ALL the devices and operational systems that have Internet connection: Apple, Iphone, Ipad, Playstation, Android, Samsung Galaxy Tabs… And it is not the end!

    But unfortunately Skype is prohibited in some countries, where the Mobile telecom operators were able to put pressure on the government in their country for not losing profits. Here is the list of the countries where Skype is or may be blocked:

  •  Anguilla – blocked by Cable & Wireless, Caribbean. This UK based company started by blocking VoIP serves in the Caribbean, and then began pushing their own services onto customers
  •  Antigua– see Anguilla
  •  Bahrain
  •  British Virgin Islands – see Anguilla
  •  Belize – there is only one ISP/telecoms company (Belize Telecommunications Limited), which not only blocks Skype but also Google Talk, MSN Messenger, and Yahoo! IM because they offer their own VoIP and chat service
  •  Brazil – blocked by Brasil Telecom in order to stop revenue loss
  •  China – Skype users in mainland China use a modified version that follows Chinese regulations and is heavily monitored by the authorities, called TOM-Skype
  •  Cayman Islands see Anguilla
  •  Cuba – due to government censorship
  •  Dominica – see Anguilla
  •  Egypt
  •  Iran
  •  Germany – blocked by T-mobile
  •  Grenada – see Anguilla
  •  Guyana
  •  Jamaica – see Anguilla
  •  Jordan
  •  Kuwait – blocked by Qualitynet
  •  Montserrat – see Anguilla
  •  North Korea
  •  Oman – blocked by Omantel
  •  Pakistan – blocked by most ISPs  (PTA, PCCW, Cybernet, PIE and Flag Telecom)
  •  Paraguay
  •  Qatar – blocked by Qtel
  •  Saint Lucia – see Anguilla
  •  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – see Anguilla
  •  Singapore – blocked by Singtel
  •  St Kitts and Nevis – see Anguilla
  •  Syria
  •  Turks and Caicos – see Anguilla
  •  UEA (including Dubai) – blocked by Etisalat

    And as far as I search the Internet it will be changed and becoming bigger.

    TUVPN will also help us to solve this problem. It is the same simple to do. This link will lead to all the manuals and tutorials that you need. The instructions how to use VPN you can also read in my previous blog “How to watch Netflix out of US”.
    Thank you for your time. If you have any question I would be very happy to answer it!

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VPN for Virtual Enterprises

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The Computer Science and Information Systems journal published an article, “VPN solutions and network monitoring to support virtual teams work in virtual enterprises” , written by Roşu Marius Sebastian and Drăgoi George.

Nowadays, linked by information technologies, people and organizations can create so-called “virtual enterprises”. Very often such organizations are geographically distributed and do not have neither central office nor organisational chart, no hierarchy, no vertical integration. Members can share skills, resources, costs and benefits to fulfill joint projects.

This new organisational form concept is discussed in the article. The authors analyze the possible network architecture for geographically distributed enterprises. Correctly created network infrastructure supports virtual project development by virtual teams. A general requirement is that members must be able to exchange information in real time like a single integrated unit. Although each member must be able to keep their autonomy.

Possible solutions for implementing VPN structures for a Virtual Enterprise:

  • Local VPN based on VLAN;
  • Local VPN based on IPSec;
  • VPN wide area based on IPSec;
  • VPN wide area based on MPLS;
  • VPN based on PPPoL2TP;
  • UMTS.

Benefits provided by VPN services:

  • the voice, video and data services convergence is done with low costs;
  • Secure Remote Access to company resources;
  • costs predictable and easier to budget, independent of traffic;
  • the possibility of transferring any-to-any of data-voice-video applications;
  • reliable support for LANs integration;
  • security of data transmission;
  • constant transfer rate, technological guaranteed;
  • smart management solutions.

VPNs can be used in different ways to support business processes. The authors consider VPN as “the ideal solution if it is not efficient in terms of construction costs of a particular network for a firm with a workforce highly mobile, or for small firms that can not justify the cost of their telecommunications network.”



Requirements for a Corporate VPN Service

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More security, more control, more flexibility – this is what the corporate users ask for. It seems it is the same as what the private users look for. But lets’ investigate these requirements, and we will understand that the demands in personal and business VPN spheres may vary greatly.

For business, professional solutions are as necessary as the air we breathe. Whilst there are a variety of security business applications on the market, only a few VPN offerings can satisfy the corporate needs. The majority of known VPN solutions are orientated to private/personal usage. Advanced information security is a question of high priority for corporate IT systems. There are reasons for this:

  • As a rule, business applications contain confidential information that must be protected properly.
  • Information leakage, its unauthorized modification or deleting is critical to a business. System resources require fundamental protection in order to avoid the threat of a long-term outage.
  • With regard to maintaining the security of a corporate information system, the personal motivation of an ordinary employee can be quite low (comparing it to private usage). Sometimes companies hire a security administrator to be responsible for specifically overseeing compliance and adherence to security procedures.
  • There can be a mistrust of an 'authorized user'. The user (employee, service provider etc) works with corporate information which is confidential. This information is potentially subject to sale, and the user is considered as a potential weak link in the security of corporate information. Sometimes internal violation becomes the dominant threat.
  • As a rule, information is being processed on a corporate network, and corporate networks are usually not local. In such cases, local security administration becomes more difficult and requires more resources (APM administrator in the network).

So, comparing to the private VPN, the corporate VPN service must offer additional features.

  • With a business VPN solution, you must be able to rent a VPN server for your exclusive use. It means that you will have a dedicated VPN server, not shared with unknown users. Using our VPN server control panel, you can manage VPN user accounts for your company.
  • A secure corporate VPN service must not store any customer data. The service must be used by its clients only as a protected communication channel.
  • The Corporate VPN service must provide more flexibility than the private solutions. For example, all VPN clients on the server must be able to "talk" to one another (so-called “VPN clients inter-communication”).
  • With a correctly chosen corporate VPN solution, you can enable and disable the protocols you use to guarantee enhanced security.
  • There must be no limitations to the applications that can run whilst using the corporate VPN services. Once you have activated the VPN, any application which transmits data over the internet will do it securely, any type of communication can travel over the VPN.
  • Corporate users must have quick and easy access to support of the VPN service provider.

The Corporate VPN service can give a new impetus to your business strategy.  A well-built requirements hierarchy can help you choose the proper VPN provider and VPN service. Obviously, the need for high security, stable connection and sophisticated authorization process is common to every successful business strategy.  Professional VPN providers usually assist not only in better configuration and efficient maintenance of a VPN service, but in giving full  support and providing you with developing technologies and VPN features for your business, so you will be one step ahead of the competition.


Virtual Private Networks (VPN) – Benefits & Future Prospects

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Can we imagine our life without the Internet? Sure. But the Internet makes our life much more convenient. Can we imagine a small business without a VPN connection? Definitely. But by using a VPN, our company can guarantee privacy of transmitted information. Companies can also increase productivity and efficiency by providing safe and fast exchange of information, establish secure remote office communication, and much more.

Virtual Private Networks are predicted to be a dominating network technology in the XXI century. They open numerous possibilities:

  • highly scalable extranet networks,
  • networks for e-commerce,
  • networks for Application Service providers.

As VPNs are turning into a global technology, they provide flexible solutions for various types of users:

  • shared VPN services for individual uses,
  • dedicated VPN services for small/medium companies,
  • and on-site VPN servers for large corporations.

VPN service providers are delivering new answers for the questions of today, and turning them into benefits for tomorrow.

The future starts today

The future of VPN starts today when daily communication presents new challenges to your business, or to your personal information security. 

Let’s imagine a working day of a small legal firm, let’s call it “ABC”. Firstly, the company doesn’t need to rent an office as all employees are either mobile or organized in remote offices. All documentation is being kept on a cloud server. Every employee has access to documentation without the risk of it being intercepted or lost while transmitting through the VPN connection. ABC's business applications are not available from public channels. Using an outsourced dedicated VPN server from a reliable provider, they securely interact with each other and their clients. Depending on configuration, new staff or clients have limited access to business applications and documentation. ABC can connect service providers to their VPN network for consulting or cooperation as and when appropriate.

Example: ABC receives a new order from a software company to compile a “Terms of Use” agreement for a new product. The product is available only on the software company's office computer as it is still under development. ABC has no need to send their specialist to the software company’s office, which may be located in another country. The VPN service allows them to establish secure connection between the two companies. VPNs do not require similar hardware at both ends of the connection. After a short period of time to configure the VPN connection, ABC's lawyers can start their work. They can securely access documentation from any point of Internet access.  Both companies are guaranteed both information security and privacy. The VPN connection presented a way to avoid high costs without sacrificing security.

The last bastions of freedom?

In the beginning of December, WikiLeaks, an international media publishing news from anonymous sources, went offline. Its whistle-blowing website has lost its domain name and was bombarded by multiple denial of service (DoS) attacks.

As illustrated with the Wikileaks affair, the Internet is currently a battleground. On one side, there are people threatened by relatively free flow of ideas still available on the Internet. On the opposing side, there are people believing that the Internet is one of the last bastions of freedom of ideas and information. The freedom that has been lost elsewhere.

TUVPN's CTO predicts that in the following years more and more people will care about the importance of an unrestricted internet – since more efforts are made to curb and control the freedom. In spite of the attempts made to fence the Internet, people will naturally look for ways to continue enjoying the Internet environment which they have become accustomed to.

Increasing threats

At the same time, both people and businesses have become increasingly aware of the threats that exist on a "free" Internet. These threats range from malware to rogue Wi-Fi spots.

Using VPNs as antivirus tools to protect communications while on Wi-Fi are clearly seen today. In fact, any Wi-Fi spot (e.g 'Free Hotel Wi-Fi') can turn out to be just a hacker’s laptop. Any and all data sent through ‘Free Hotel Wi-Fi’ in reality goes through the hacker’s PC. But if you use a VPN connection, the only thing the hacker would be able to catch is useless encrypted data. Moreover, using a VPN provides double protection for your computer against viruses/trojans/worms and alike. The use of a reliable VPN service, along with the antivirus software installed on VPN servers provides optimal results against online threats.

“As a significant part of our life has moved to the Internet, it is natural that everyone looks for protection and security in the face of the new threats”, said the TUVPN's experts. "In the environment where individual freedoms meet rising threat, both private persons and businesses will place greater emphasis on securing their Internet usage." So, services and tools offered by TUVPN and other VPN providers, e.g. shared and dedicated VPN services for personal use, and dedicated VPN services for business will be used more actively. TUVPN.COM sees its aim as “to stay at the cutting edge of such services that will be integral to the provision of freedom, privacy, and security over the internet. We look forward to the challenge.”

Globalization has brought outsourcing and integration. Experts say that VPNs will turn into systems of interactive networks which will connect mobile users, commercial partners, and suppliers with critical corporate applications working on IP protocol. VPNs will become a basis for new commercial operations and services, which will stimulate the market and help to modernize service delivery and production. VPNs will be key to solving many tasks of today, delivering benefits and solutions for tomorrow.

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Dedicated VPN Server for Your Business

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Dedicated VPN Server

Many big enterprises have started from small-business companies. They grew step by step meeting new challenges on every stage of their development. For many of them technically progressive solutions for newly emerging questions were the key to achieving a sustainable development. Nowadays, timely information update and secure online communication seem to be the most topical issues in the business world. Using a VPN service brings business communication to a new level. It enables a company to securely connect multiple users of its corporate network via the Internet. The variety of VPN services opens new possibilities for business development.

Today we will examine the advantages of a dedicated VPN server particularly for business purposes.

First, let’s see the difference between a shared and dedicated VPN server.

Shared VPN server is a server that you share with other VPN users. Usually, shared VPN is used by private individuals for secure access to websites. Shared VPN services can however present some limitations: number of ports and protocols to use. Other users of the VPN server can have the same IP address as you. That is why the Shared VPN is not appropriate for corporate users. Sometimes you can buy a dedicated IP address, but still use the shared VPN server. 

A Dedicated VPN Server is a remote server just for you and your fellow workers. You are not sharing it with unknown people. Basically, the service is similar to the shared VPN server, but the dedicated server is shared ONLY by the employees or affiliates of the company that sign up for the service.

Dedicated VPN Server solves a bunch of challenges that a growing business usually meets:

  • Access organizational network securely: The worker can access documents, read emails, submit reports, and use other common applications on the office network.
  • Use business applications: Using the dedicated VPN server, it is possible to run solely corporate business applications, use emails, work with business documentation, etc.
  • Work remotely: Remote users that provide support at your customers’ offices can access the enterprise network and perform their job tasks as if they were on-site.
  • Use applications you need: The shared VPN provides you with limited ports. With a dedicated VPN server, you have the possibility to use all applications without limitations. Its set up allows working with services which require opening of additional channels from the server to the client, for example, Microsoft Netmeeting, ICQ file transfer, etc.
  • Open your LAN to partners: A Dedicated VPN Server gives an opportunity to open your corporate network for your partners and affiliates. Security and total control over the server operating system are still kept.
  • Work together: A Dedicated VPN Server enables customers to modify secure access for collaborators and at the same time provide them with the benefits of using a VPN when roaming.
  • Manage corporate network: A Dedicated VPN Server leaves room for custom options in managing the corporate network. You can administer access to the network by adding other servers or other users as VPN clients. And you still have full control on the intact network. “Client to client” communication is also available.
  • Do not spend time and money for installation and support: A company does not need to have a special hardware to install the VPN server. A company does not need to hire system administrators in each office. The VPN provider solves all installation and support tasks instead of the customer. The sensitive data stays unavailable to the VPN service provider via encryption.

A true life example can add colour to the picture of a dedicated VPN server. Let’s take a small retail company which has a number of shops across a country, or several countries. The network of shops requires simultaneous information updated for the purpose of accounting, resupplying, and regulation. The company has a couple of local servers to run the applications, store databases, etc. They sign for a dedicated VPN server and thus find a cheap and secure way to create a “virtual LAN” between the shops. So, every shop is able now to access the information on the server, run corporative applications etc. Remote workers can also reach the server from any point of the Internet. The company has no need to hire more people to support the network. Even one part-time system administrator can connect to the VPN remotely and securely troubleshoot any issue in the shops. The flexibility of the service helps to meet the company’s current needs: they can connect just shops, or add servers; choose the type of VPN, number of users, etc.    

IMPORTANT: No information is stored on the shared or dedicated VPN Servers. The VPN Server acts as a gateway for the traffic of the clients', so information that is safely encrypted crosses the VPN Server, but nothing is stored within it.

One of the foremost advantages of the dedicated VPN server is the combination of 'high security level and low cost'. WiFi hotspots at cafes, hotels, train stations and airports have become a popular way for employees on the move to connect their computers to the corporate network via the Internet. The risk is that data could be intercepted by the hotspot provider or a hacker between the hotspot and the destination server. The need to safeguard sensitive company data is obvious. A Dedicated VPN Server offers this service at an affordable price.

A Dedicated VPN Server is very suitable for small or medium-size businesses. Large corporations usually use local complicated hardware to keep the corporate information and manage the network. By adding a VPN server to your business strategy you can not only commit to corporate privacy, it helps your business coordinate a growing list of informational demands –  keeping the communications of partners, co-workers and employees stable and secure.     

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TUVPN.COM Launches New Business VPN Product

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TUVPN.COM is delighted to annouce that it has launched a new VPN product specifically for Business Customers.


The new "Business Dedicated VPN Server" solution, provides business customers with a fully managed 'plug and play' product that will scale with your needs.


The product does exactly as it describes. TUVPN.COM provides your business with its own VPN server to which ONLY you have access. It is a SECURE solution that is RELIABLE, POWERFUL, and unlocks the prospect of increased PRODUCTIVITY for your business.


We invite you to visit the dedicated Business Area on our website, and see how easy it is to build a VPN solution that fits your needs. 



TUVPN.COM – the serious VPN network, where performance and customer care are the only things that matter. 


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