Watching BBC outside United Kingdom

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Now we get a lot of questions considering “How to unlock BBC outside United Kingdom”. That would be the topic for my blog.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is a British public service broadcasting statutory corporation. “Our mission is to enrich people's lives with programmes and service that inform, educate and entertain” – as they are saying. In simple words BBC are the Worldwide last news, programs and s. o. It is the largest broadcaster in the world by number of employees all over the world. The Headquarters are situated in London.

Even though the online version of BBC is great service with the latest worldwide news, it comes with a severe limitation. The BBC One programs and TV shows are available only inside United Kingdom. So if you try to go to see live news from any other country, you will see a Content Unavailable message.

The BBC is now one of the most popular and biggest channels, but it doesn't have rights to broadcast its programs outside UK. That is why it uses special techniques to set the location of its users.

We see the prohibition from our countries, but anyway it is possible to watch BBC programs outside UK. The most important thing we need to know is that you only need to have the UK IP address. TUVPN (the VPN provider) has servers in 7 countries all over the world! Including United Kingdom. It has two servers in London what is more then enough.

All you need to do is to follow some simple steps to set up the VPN provider TUVPN:

1. First you go to «BUY» page to order the service.
2. Download the application using the tutorials.
The link is required.
3. After setting up choose the server you need. In our case we need or

Enjoy your programs!

A little bit about PRISM

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People often ask questions about how to protect your privacy in the global system of interconnected computer networks from online spy programs. One of them is the PRISM data mining program which we are going to talk about.

    Prism is a national security electronic surveillance program operated by the United States National Security Agency and formally is classified as Total Secret. It was created in 2007 but the public had read about it only in June 6 , 2013 in the articles published by The Guardian and The Washington Post. It was saying that Prism is “the number one source of raw intelligence used for NSA analytic reports.”

    The director of National Intelligence (DNI) James R. Clapper confirmed the existence of Prism and said that the program operates in accordance with the law of the foreign intelligence service, the recently revised by the U.S. Congress. According to statements of special services a lot of large companies went on the active cooperation providing the access for security services to the servers like Microsoft (Hotmail), Google (Google Mail), Yahoo!, Facebook, YouTube, Skype, AOL, Apple and Paltalk. According to estimates from the Washington Post in 2010, the daily data collection system NSA (including PRISM) intercepted and recorded about 1.7 billion phone calls and e-mails

    How to protect your privacy. It's simple! Get a VPN. Because when connected to VPN, the connection with internet and traffic are sent through the encrypted channel and your computer or mobile device is masked by the other IP- address. TUVPN is really great for such cases. We have 9 servers in 7 countries and more then 100 IP addresses. TUVPN is not recording the logs of connection. That means that none would see what service do you visit.

    And for sure it is very simple to set it up. Here are some steps:
1. First you go to «BUY» page to order the service.
2. Download the application using the tutorials.
The link is required.
3. After setting up choose the server you need.

Using Skype without any limitations

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Hello everyone. Welcome back! I hope the previous blog was useful and helped you to open Netflix for yourself. This time I will try not to disappoint you!

    The topic will be dedicated to unblocking Skype in the countries where it is prohibited.
Skype is a proprietary voice-over-IP service and software application. And who does not know this word! I really like there slogan: “Skype is for doing things together whenever you're apart. Skype's text, voice and video make it simple to share experiences with the that matter to you, wherever they are”. Reading these words you understand that is done for people. It makes simpler to work (international meetings online, business and s.o.), to travel (talk to your parents, friends, relatives that are far far away)…
    This service is available for almost ALL the devices and operational systems that have Internet connection: Apple, Iphone, Ipad, Playstation, Android, Samsung Galaxy Tabs… And it is not the end!

    But unfortunately Skype is prohibited in some countries, where the Mobile telecom operators were able to put pressure on the government in their country for not losing profits. Here is the list of the countries where Skype is or may be blocked:

  •  Anguilla – blocked by Cable & Wireless, Caribbean. This UK based company started by blocking VoIP serves in the Caribbean, and then began pushing their own services onto customers
  •  Antigua– see Anguilla
  •  Bahrain
  •  British Virgin Islands – see Anguilla
  •  Belize – there is only one ISP/telecoms company (Belize Telecommunications Limited), which not only blocks Skype but also Google Talk, MSN Messenger, and Yahoo! IM because they offer their own VoIP and chat service
  •  Brazil – blocked by Brasil Telecom in order to stop revenue loss
  •  China – Skype users in mainland China use a modified version that follows Chinese regulations and is heavily monitored by the authorities, called TOM-Skype
  •  Cayman Islands see Anguilla
  •  Cuba – due to government censorship
  •  Dominica – see Anguilla
  •  Egypt
  •  Iran
  •  Germany – blocked by T-mobile
  •  Grenada – see Anguilla
  •  Guyana
  •  Jamaica – see Anguilla
  •  Jordan
  •  Kuwait – blocked by Qualitynet
  •  Montserrat – see Anguilla
  •  North Korea
  •  Oman – blocked by Omantel
  •  Pakistan – blocked by most ISPs  (PTA, PCCW, Cybernet, PIE and Flag Telecom)
  •  Paraguay
  •  Qatar – blocked by Qtel
  •  Saint Lucia – see Anguilla
  •  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – see Anguilla
  •  Singapore – blocked by Singtel
  •  St Kitts and Nevis – see Anguilla
  •  Syria
  •  Turks and Caicos – see Anguilla
  •  UEA (including Dubai) – blocked by Etisalat

    And as far as I search the Internet it will be changed and becoming bigger.

    TUVPN will also help us to solve this problem. It is the same simple to do. This link will lead to all the manuals and tutorials that you need. The instructions how to use VPN you can also read in my previous blog “How to watch Netflix out of US”.
    Thank you for your time. If you have any question I would be very happy to answer it!

    And don't forget about the 60% DISCOUNT!!! Click HERE to get it.

How to watch Netflix out of US

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Hi everyone. My name is Mike. And I would like to start blogging on this service. We will discuss different tasks here concerning using vpn and personally TUVPN service.

I think many of you have heard about such a service as  Netflix. It is used in US for watching online television, movies, TV shows and s.o. Netflix is an American company of on-demand Internet streaming media available to both North and South America, the Caribbean, United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland.

This provider is available for almost all the devices that have Internet connection: Apple Iphone, Ipad, PlayStation, Android, Samsung Galaxy Tabs… The list can be really long thanks to our modern technologies.
But how to watch Netflix in Europe for example or other countries of the world that are not in the list bellow? That will be the main topic of this blog. The best solution to watch Netflix out of the US is to connect to a VPN server. Using the VPN will enable you to hide your own IP address and choose location waht you need. Particularly now we need US server.
TUVPN is one of the good examples of VPN services for unblocking Netflix. By looking through the different forums, blogs, articles I've found for myself the optimal variant. When you start VPN you neglect a VPN client on your PC, log in using your private login and password and your device is changing the different keys with the server you selected. That is how the TUVPN also works. But comparison of prices make me proud! I think it's a good reason to try TUVPN. We have a great speed with unlimited traffic which makes watching online more pleasant and comfortable. And the list of servers will expand in the nearest future. Right now we can offer 9 different servers in 7 countries: 2 servers in London (UK), 2 in Amsterdam (Netherlands), Erfurt server (Germany), server in Madrid (Spain), Stockholm server (Sweden), Montreal server (Canada) and the one that is now important for us: server in Chicago (USA).

    So how exactly to use it. To watch   Netflix online movies out of US there is no need to order Dedicated IP. Shared will be better. You just need US server Here are some simple steps:
    1. First you go to the “BUY” page to order the service.
    Try TUVPN with 60% DISCOUNT!
    By this link you will get it.
    2.  Download the application using there tutorials.
    The link is: As also you see that they have the list of them for setting up it on different devices, Windows, Mac tutorials, Linux and also Router.
    3. After setting up launch the server you need. In our case we choose

    Actually that is all what you need. Nothing difficult at all, is it. If you have any questions, suggestions I will be very happy to answer! See you next post.

Protecting your VPN traffic with VPNCheck (OpenVPN)

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Before you start following article you need setup TUVPN OpenVPN client. You can find the guide in our tutorials section.

You will first need to install VPNcheck. You can get a free version from this link.

  1. Install the VPNcheck.
  2. Click on the Config button as seen on following screenshot:


  3. Select the application you want to protect (so the one you want to be closed if your VPN connection goes down). Click on Add file button and select for example Firefox:


  4. There are two check boxes Close and Autorun mark them both and close the window:


  5. Activate your VPN session by using TUVPN OpenVPN client. You will see the green icon once you are connected. VPNcheck is monitoring it. Now you can start using Firefox:


  6. Right click on the OpenVPN icon and disconnect your VPN. Once it is disconnected your selected application, Firefox in our example, will close automatically, so no browsing without VPN!


  7. Release your network by clicking Cycle IP: Network button. Now you can re connect through your OpenVPN client:

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Protecting your VPN traffic with VPN Lifeguard (PPTP/L2TP)

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Before you start following this article you need setup a PPTP or L2TP connection so Lifeguard can automatically get the connection credentials.

You will first need to install VPN Lifeguard. You can get a free version of this software from here.

1. Install VPN Lifeguard.

2. Click on the Config button as seen here:

3.    3. Click on Number Dropdown list, select “1” and then click the Browse button to select the application you want to protect (so the one you want to be closed if your VPN connection goes down):

4.     4. Close the window:

5.    5. Select the PPTP or L2TP connection name that you have created previously and click the Start button to establish the VPN session:

6.    6. You will get confirmation that a connection to TUVPN has been established and the applications that you added in step 3 will also be automatically started:

7.   7. Stop button will disconnect your VPN session and it will also close your selected applications:


And that should be it. Your desired applications will be easily protected in case your VPN connection goes down!

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How to protect popular applications with TUVPN SSH2 Tunnels

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With the recent release of our SSH2 Tunnel technology, TUVPN is again breaking ground in the VPN industry with a new and extremely versatile tool at the disposal of our users.

In our Tutorials section, you can find all you need to get started with our SSH2 Tunnels. Firefox is the example application that we configure in our tutorials to use the SSH2 Tunnel. Let's see now how you would configure other popular applications to use our newest technology. We will configure Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Skype and Filezilla.

Remember that before configuring any given application to use the tunnel you need to have it up&running!:

Windows SSH2 Tunnel Configuration

Ubuntu SSH2 Tunnel Configuration

Google Chrome

We go to Options:


Under the Hood option and Change Proxy Settings:


Select Connection tab and click on the LAN Settings on Local area network window click on Advanced:



Socks localhost and port 7070:



Go to an IP identification site (e.g. ) where you can see that your IP is now a TUVPN server IP in an entirely new location….and probably a new country!



Internet Explorer

We go to Internet Options:

TUVPN SSH VPN Internet Explorer 1


Select Connection tab and click on  LAN Settings:

TUVPN SSH VPN Internet Explorer 2

In Local Area Network window click on Advanced…, On Proxy Settings window we enter socks Localhost and port 7070 click OK:

TUVPN SSH VPN Internet Explorer 3

Go to an IP identification site (e.g. ) where you can see that your IP is now a TUVPN server IP in an entirely new location….and probably a new country!

TUVPN SSH VPN Internet Explorer 4



We go to Settings then Preferences:



Select Advanced tab and go to Network on the left menu.  Click on Proxy Servers button:


Check the Socks checkbox and enter and port 7070. Click OK:



Go to an IP identification site (e.g. ) where you can see that your IP is now a TUVPN server IP in an entirely new location….and probably a new country!



Mozilla Firefox

We go to Tools and then Options:



Go to Advanced and then select the Network tab and click on Settings button:



Select Manual proxy configuration and then select Socks v5. Now we enter Socks host and port 7070 and click OK:



Go to an IP identification site (e.g. ) where you can see that your IP is now a TUVPN server IP in an entirely new location….and probably a new country!




We go to Tools and Options:



Go to Advanced tab and click on Connection, then we select Socks5 from drop down list, for host localhost and for port 7070. We click Save and restart skype to be connected through out SSH2 tunnel:




We go to Settings:

TUVPN SSH VPN Filezilla 1


The go to Generic proxy, select Socks 5 and enter into Proxy host and Port 7070.  Click OK:

TUVPN SSH VPN Filezilla 2


When you connect to any FTP host, check the status window and you will see that it is now routing your traffic through the proxy you have defined and so the SSH2 Tunnel:

TUVPN SSH VPN Filezilla 3

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SSH2 Tunnel Configuration on Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal

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As promised after starting the deployment of SSH2 Tunnelling throughout our network, we will be creating new tutorials beyond the initial Windows 7 SSH2 Tunnel one.

Here we will focus on Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal but the process should be fairly similar with older releases of Ubuntu or even other Linux distributions for which the SSH2 package that we are using is available.

So let's get started!

First of all we install the gstm package (SSH tunnel manager for GNOME) through Ubuntu Software Center. This will be the software that we will use to setup the SSH2 tunnel.

Once installed we execute it and click the Add button to create a new SSH tunnel configuration. We name it i.e. TUVPN SSH2 Tunnel:

TUVPN SSH2 Tunnel Configuration Step 1


Now we need to input the Tunnel Properties.

In the Login area, we enter our TUVPN VPN Username.

In Host, the server that we want to establish the SSH2 Tunnel with, in this example

And finally in Port we enter 61.

TUVPN SSH2 Tunnel Configuration Step 2


Without leaving the Tunnel Properties window, we now setup the Port Redirection, the true differentiator of a SSH2 Tunnel from a Typical VPN.

We click on the Add button and as redirection Type we choose Dynamic and as Port 7070.

This will basically configure our computer to listen on port 7070 locally and send any connection to this local port to our remote server (in this case Erfurt) through the encrypted SSH2 tunnel:

TUVPN SSH2 Tunnel Configuration Step 3


And we are done with Tunnel Properties window. It should look like this and we can click OK:

TUVPN SSH2 Tunnel Configuration Step 4


And we can already Start our SSH2 Tunnel! We will have to input our TUVPN VPN password:

TUVPN SSH2 Tunnel Configuration Step 5


If all goes fine the TUVPN SSH2 Tunnel will change to green:

TUVPN SSH2 Tunnel Configuration Step 6


And now nothing happens! As explained in this previous post about the differences between VPNs, SSH2 Tunnels and Proxies, all our applications will continue to access Internet through our normal Internet connection unless we configure them to use our newly created SSH2 Tunnel.

Don't worry, it is very easy! We just need to make sure that the application that we want to use through the SSH2 Tunnel support the use of SOCKS Proxies. Many do, we will publish a list soon.

As an example here we will configure Firefox to use our just established SSH2 Tunnel to the Erfurt server.

In Firefox, we just need to go to Edit -> Prefereces. Click on the Advanced tab, then Network subtab and configure the Connection Settings like this:

TUVPN SSH2 Tunnel Configuration Step 7

As we can see, we configure Firefox to use as SOCKS Host our own computer (localhost) on port 7070. So now, when we browse Internet with Firefox, our data will go through the SSH2 Tunnel to Erfurt server and reach Internet from there. Let's check it on

TUVPN SSH2 Tunnel Configuration Step 8


But hey, what happens if my SSH2 Tunnel goes down? Will any Firefox data reach Internet through my normal Internet connection?

TUVPN SSH2 Tunnel Configuration Step 9


No way! SSH2 Tunnels guarantee by design that if the SSH2 Tunnel goes down, no data from the applications that you have configured to use the tunnel will ever reach Internet until the tunnel is up.

This, along the fact that only applications that you configure will actually use the tunnel, are very interesting features of SSH2 Tunnels and those that take them apart from other VPN technologies and give them an extreme flexibility of use.

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Getting Started with TUVPN Guide

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As we keep adding more features to our VPN accounts (and as usual, without any extra cost to you!), and to make things as simple as possible for our VPN users, we have come up with a Getting Started Guide for our VPN services.

Here we have summarised all options that you have when using your TUVPN account.

You want to go quick and easy? No problem. Follow the Fast Track procedure and you will be up and running in seconds, with a premium OpenVPN connection preconfigured with all VPN servers in our network so you just need to right click and connect to get the best vpn going!.

Or if you want to uncover all features of your VPN account, move on into the In-Depth section and find out why TUVPN is the most complete VPN provider out there!.

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OpenVPN on IPhone with Guizmovpn

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After our previous very successful post about L2TP/IPSec on Ubuntu 11.04, we will cover another topic not easy to find clearly explained. How to configure and use OpenVPN on iPhone with Guizmovpn.

Note: This process will only work with a Jailbroken iPhone and there is a registration fee of 4.99€ to use Guizmovpn (you can test it for free during 7 days).

First of all we need to install Guizmovpn via Cydia. This is perfectly explained in Guizmovpn site, so just follow these easy steps.

Once we have it installed, we start the configuration process.

First we execute Guizmovpn:

OpenVPN on iPhone with Guizmovpn Step 1

We click on Download new configuration and we choose Other in the VPN providers list:

OpenVPN on iPhone with Guizmovpn Step 2

Now we type the URL from which we will download TUVPN's Guizmovpn configuration and click Yes when asked to download:

OpenVPN on iPhone with Guizmovpn Step 3

That's it! TUVPN should now appear under the configurations list:

OpenVPN on iPhone with Guizmovpn Step 4

Select it an click on the OFF button to start the connection process. You will be asked for your TUVPN VPN Username and Password that were sent to you in your Service Activation email. Click Save and credentials will be stored in your iPhone:

OpenVPN on iPhone with Guizmovpn Step 5

And you are now connected to TUVPN!. You will see it with the Guizmovpn icon on the top bar next to your battery icon:

OpenVPN on iPhone with Guizmovpn Step 6

But, let's check it with! :

OpenVPN on iPhone with Guizmovpn Step 7

So you see that we are connected to our Erfurt (Germany) server.

You can very easily change the server you want to connect to. From the main Guizmovpn screen, click on the arrow next to the tuvpn_guizmovpn configuration. And then you will see two tabs at the bottom: Settings and Editor. Choose Editor:

OpenVPN on iPhone with Guizmovpn Step 8

You will get to OpenVPN configuration file. Simply change the vpn server name to the desired VPN Server that you want to connect and click Save. Next time you connect you will be doing it to the new server!

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