New VPN Server In The UK!!

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New UK Server


In response to high demand TUVPN have launched a NEW VPN server in the UK!

We are offering Shared & Dedicated IP services on this new server.

You can access the server immediately using: 

Alternatively you can reinstall your OpenVPN Client and you will have it in your VPN Server menu. New servers will automatically appear in our L2TP and PPTP client menus.

The NEW London Server comes packed with the usual TUVPN Features to provide you with the best VPN experience on the Net!

Please note that P2P file transfers are not supported.


Thanks for your valued custom and loyalty. We try very hard to earn it!!

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New VPN Server in France!!

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New TUVPN server in France!


We've done it…with help from a very nice customer! We have a NEW hosting provider in France

We are offering Shared & Dedicated IP services on this new server.

You can access the server immediately using: 

Alternatively you can reinstall your OpenVPN Client and you will have it in your VPN Server menu. New servers will automatically appear in our L2TP and PPTP client menus.

The Paris Server comes packed with the usual TUVPN Features to provide you with the best VPN experience on the Net!

Please note that P2P file transfers are not supported.


We are still researching options in Hong Kong and the Czech Republic, so stay tunned and keep voting!

We tried one hosting provider in Hong Kong, but were not satisfied that it provided the kind of service standards we demand. 

Take a look at the global coverage of our network:  view map

Let us know if we can help with any questions. Enjoy!

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UPDATE – French & Swiss VPN Server News

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Dear All,

We wanted to update you regarding status of our Fench server in Roubaix, and plans to re-launch a server in Switzerland.


On the 29th of June, we released a news article on the unavailability of our VPN server in Roubaix. Read more.

We are continuing to follow this up with the reseller, while looking for an alternative solution. We apologise again for this inconvenience.


We are very happy to announce that at the end of this week, TUVPN will be launching a new server in Switzerland.

We will be publishing a news relase to confirm its launch.

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Circumvention of Online Censorship

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As we have already informed, in countries with non-democratic regimes, internet censorship has become the main means for the governments to control society and prevent social unrest. Nevertheless, there are many ways for users to bypass internet restrictions, and everyone chooses the most suitable for him/her. The selected tool will depend on what you’re doing on the internet: uploading, downloading or just surfing. More and more often, overviews of such tools are published on any kind of websites. recently published an article called “11 Ways to Circumvent Internet Blockades.” The author insists that “no censorship circumvention tool is 100 percent safe“, and adds: “Rule number 1: you’re clever, but the authorities are cleverer.”

There is always the risk of being detected. Internet cafes do not offer full anonymity, your activities can be reported to the authorities.

The majority of users all over the world consider VPN to be the best way to circumvent online censorship. The best VPN services provide high level of security and don’t slow down the user’s connection. Besides VPN, there are other circumvention tools that are widely used to evade limitations. Their effectiveness depends a lot on the users’ activity on the internet: uploading, downloading or just browsing.

Every tool has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of them, like JAP, YourFreedom, Tor or Psiphon provide their users with good technical support, portability and easiness of usage, but they are not always reliable and often make the Internet work  very slow.

Circumvention tools are developed both by non-governmental organizations and by commercial companies that promote availability of Internet, support freedom of expression and consider online censorship to be a violation of users’ rights.

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Internet Disconnection Due to Syrian Protests

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In December 2010 Imad Sabouni, Syrian Minister of Telecommunications and Technology,  stated that Internet censorship was not a solution. He said that it was more important to raise the awareness of Internet users. But he also pointed out that there are Internet blocking systems in all countries.

Nevertheless, the censorship never abated. About more than two hundred websites were blocked. The contents affected involved political criticism, religious issues, etc. In addition to filtering a wide range of Web content, the Syrian government monitored  the use of Internet. The Syrian government claimed that its aim is to prevent "denominational unrest" and any attempt at infiltration on the part of Israel.

But it seems that it was useless. Opponents of the current Syrian regime organized protests all over the country. Facebook is the place where the protests were organized; the participants were also motivated by reels of the government crackdown placed on such sites as YouTube.

As a result, the authorities disconnected the Internet in some parts of the country in order to prevent the spreading of anti-government information and to boicot the creation of new movements. Google’s most recent Internet traffic report from Syria clearly demonstrates a falloff in data traffic.

Syrian government also blocked Internet access in regions of military operations before the protest in Hama, but after that disconnection has become more widespread. Two-thirds of all the networks in Syria were unavailable just after the protests.

Many users have to use alternate ways to access blocked websites and stay anonymous. VPN connections are the most popular. They provide web anonymity and give the opportunity to bypass government restrictions. Fast VPN services facilitate uploading of videos to the sharing sites, and favor the spread of information. But even VPN cannot help if the internet connection is dropped.

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How to Unblock VoIP

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VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and is used for communication worlwide. With the help of VoIP you can stay in touch with your business partners, as well as with your family and friends. VoIP services are extremely popular among people from different countries, because their users can save money. It is cheaper to make calls using VoIP than through a mobile phone.

Nevertheless, there are countries where VoIP services are banned. Among them are United Arab Emirates, Oman, Lebanon, Kuwait, and Belize. And there is a valid reason for it. In many countries, governments run telecommunication companies, and it is obvious that they don’t want to lose the income that they make from international and domestic calls.

In India, it is legal to use VoIP, but it is illegal to have VoIP gateways inside India. In the UAE and Oman, it is illegal to use any form of VoIP, to the extent that  Skype and Gizmo5 websites are blocked. Providing or using VoIP services is illegal in Oman. In the Republic of Korea, only providers registered with the government are authorized to offer VoIP services.

Many people ask on forums how to unblock VoIP calls in their countries.

A lot of users from the countries listed above consider that using VPN services is be the best way to bypass restrictions. Internet restrictions are usually based on the IP address. A VPN connection gives you an opportunity to surf  the Internet anonymously and hides your real IP, so you can browse blocked websites and use banned services including VoIP. A fast VPN is the most suitable if you want to make VoIP calls, because it provides better communication quality.

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TUVPN New Year Special Offer Is Ending!

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'New Year Special Offer' Is Ending

Effective Midnight on 28th February



In celebration of the New Year, we have been offering new customers a VPN account at very special prices.


Don't Miss Out – Experience the performance of a premium VPN network.

We are offering big discounts of up to 40% on our 3 month & 6 month VPN accounts.

The offer applies for both Shared IP and Dedicated IP accounts.


€21/$30 => 3 Month VPN Accounts 

€30/$42 => 6 Month VPN Accounts


Here are the relevant PROMO CODES to use:


For EUR services:

3MS21 – For a  3 MONTH SHARED IP SERVICE for 21€

6MS30 – For a 6 MONTH SHARED IP SERVICE for 30€




For USD services:

3MS30 -For a  3 MONTH SHARED IP SERVICE for $30

6MS42 – For a 6 MONTH SHARED IP SERVICE for $42




TUVPN.COM account gives you access to our entire Global Network of VPN servers.

Access options: Customised OpenVPN (Password Save & Server Menu) & PPTP & High Anonymity Proxies.


Don't Miss Out!


TUVPN.COM – the serious VPN network, where performance and customer care are the only things that matter.


New VPN Server in London

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TUVPN Adds Server No.2 in London 

As announced in our recent blog article (New VPN Servers For the TUVPN Network), we have now launched a second server in London.

The launch of the second London server brings our Global Network of VPN servers to 14 in 10 countries.

The new server in London has been added in response to increased demand.

The increased capacity and performance comes at no extra cost to our customers.

One account gets you every server in the TUVPN network, with all features – we just think its easier this way!

TUVPN.COM – the serious VPN network, where performance and customer care are the only things that matter. 


New VPN Servers for the TUVPN Network

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TUVPN.COM Global VPN Server LocationsAs growth of the network continues, we are thinking about our next moves for our VPN network.

The first addition will be a new server in London to be added later this week. This will be our second server in the UK, which of course will be available to all of you at no additional cost. There has been a strong demand for the dedicated IP service for this location, so this addition was mandatory to meet the immediate demand.

After this addition, we are open to your suggestions.

As our strongest demand is in Europe, we were thinking about adding a new VPN server in Zlin (Czech Republic).

Another option would be a new server somewhere in Asia, but we are not fully convinced yet as our current Kuala Lumpur server in Malaysia is somewhat underused.

After going over the forum proposals from our users, we have been able to summarize customer thoughts as follows:

  • Switzerland – Some users have insisted that we reinstate a server in this domicile. So this is currently first in our request list.
  • Russia (Omsk) – Speed. Covering of Asia/Europe. Many users have asked for this.
  • Kyrgyzstan – Could be a good location to supply Asia/Europe.
  • Denmark – Because of download speed and privacy laws.
  • Panama – Would be a good complement to Chicago and Montreal VPN servers.
  • Hong Kong – Asian location most mentioned.
  • Latvia, Lithuania – Good speeds.
  • Bulgaria – Privacy.

Or….. do we just keep adding servers to the current locations ? e.g. a new server in Luxembourg.

What do you think?

For the three most insightful and helpful comments we are offering a one month free VPN account !

Help us shape our network for you!


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