TUVPN Launches PaySafeCard

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We promised it was coming!

We have now launched a new payment processor PaySafeCard.

Its really simple and convenient to use.

  1. Exchange cash for paysafecard at a local sales outlet. Finding a sales outlet is easy: sales outlet finder.
  2. You'll receive paysafecard as a 16-digit PIN. Differing value amounts are available.
  3. Use this PIN to pay for your VPN service quickly and simply.
You can combine up to 10 paysafecard PINs to pay for larger amounts or as a way to use up your remaining credit.
Please let us know if you have any queries or problems.

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Ukash Suspension

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Dear Customers

We bring you disappointing news from Ukash.

We have received notice that from the 4th of January 2012, TUVPN.COM customers will be unable to process payments via Ukash.


Ukash's reason for no longer offering the service to TUVPN?

They now regard any service that blocks the IP of an online customer as being open to "facilitating malicious activity". Ukash's NEW merchant terms of use exclude businesses that offer such a service from utilising the Ukash payment processing solution.

You can be assured that we have had a rather vigorous discussion with Ukash's Chief Risk Officer. He has advised us that while they do not like to turn away our business, their Board of Directors have made the decision and it has no flexibility. We pointed out the irony of a payment processor that provides for customer anonymity, creating rules that prevent businesses offering anonymity services from using their payment service. The reply we received was, "perhaps its the combination of our two businesses that is the problem"…. We pointed out a list of other online business that use Ukash that could "facilitate malicious activity". We did not get much argument. It would seem that logic, common sense, and reason has flown out the window in this instance!


For those customer's wishing to use UKash. We suggest you top-up your TUVPN account before the 4th of January, 2012.

After this date, you will need to use our other payment options. This includes 2Checkout where all major credit cards and Paypal can be used, and separately Moneybookers.


Thank you for your continued custom.


The Team at TUVPN

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UPDATE – French & Swiss VPN Server News

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Dear All,

We wanted to update you regarding status of our Fench server in Roubaix, and plans to re-launch a server in Switzerland.


On the 29th of June, we released a news article on the unavailability of our VPN server in Roubaix. Read more.

We are continuing to follow this up with the reseller, while looking for an alternative solution. We apologise again for this inconvenience.


We are very happy to announce that at the end of this week, TUVPN will be launching a new server in Switzerland.

We will be publishing a news relase to confirm its launch.

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TUVPN Announces New VPN Pricing!

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With growth comes the ability to pass on economies of scale to our customers!

We are able now to pass on reductions of over 30% on all our pre-paid Shared IP VPN accounts!

* Currency depends on geographic region from which you sign up.

With this pricing revision also come reductions in our Starter Pack.
With your first TUVPN Shared IP account you get a 1 Month VPN service for €3.00 / $5.00 !

And just to improve things a little more, our Money Back Guarantee period has been increased from 3 days to 7 days. The same traffic limit of 1GB still applies.

TUVPN Account Features

TUVPN Features List

NB: Renewals will be invoiced at NEW prices.

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VPN Providers Reap the Benefit of Web Censorship

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Online social networks may help people to organize, not virtual, but real protests in their countries. “Twitter Revolution” is becoming a new popular expression. Saying it, we immediately remember Moldova's civil unrest in 2009, Iranian election protests of 2009–2010, Tunisian revolution of 2010–2011, Egyptian Revolution of 2011… No wonder that, fearing mass riots, governments of many countries are banning popular social network services. There is web censorship in countries like China, Iran, Egypt and Libya. Many sites, including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, are forbidden.

People who want to visit blocked websites try to find the way to bypass these restrictions. One of the most popular ways among the citizens of these countries is to use a VPN connection to access restricted sites. VPN connection gives people an opportunity to browse the web anonymously, assigning them fake IP addresses. VPN services are extremely widespread, not only amongst local users, but also amongst foreigners. Alex Rico, a Spaniard who lives in China, claims that he uses VPN several times a day to visit Facebook, YouTube and his favorite blogs.

As a result, VPN service providers use internet censorships for their benefit and make money  of it. David Gorodyansky,  founder of a VPN service provider company, explains that  virtual private networks have become a "daily part of people’s lives", because "after sleep, food and water, the next most important thing is information". According to his words, most people access sites like Facebook and Twitter using VPN services in the countries where they are blocked. He estimates the potential market of people who need security and would benefit from a VPN at one billion; an additional 600 million live in regions where web content is censored.

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TUVPN Launches its First VPN Server in Sweden

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TUVPN.COM is delighted to announce that it has launched a New VPN Server in Sweden.


Server Address:



This is the latest addition to TUVPN's global VPN network.

When you sign up with TuVPN.com you get access to its entire global network.

The server comes packed with all the usual features: OpenVPN, PPTP, and High Anonymity Proxy.

We also offer Dedicated IP VPN on this server.

All feature enhancements and network options are fully available!

Do you have questions? Read our extensive FAQ, Tutorials, and Blog Articles


TUVPN.COM – the serious VPN network, where performance and customer care are the only things that matter.


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Privacy is “Private” Again

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This week a new regulation aiming to protect Internet privacy is being discussed in the European Union. According to it, social networking sites and search engines will have to report on the private information they have collected. The European Commission is also planning to introduce the “right to be forgotten” policy, which will allow users to withdraw the personal information they no longer wish to share from different sites and social networks.

These regulations will apply not only to EU residents, but to all products and services widely-spread among European citizens. Viviane Reding, the European Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship, has announced that any company operating in the EU market or any online product that is targeted at EU consumers must comply with EU rules.

To enforce the new regulations, the EU is planning to organize special comitees which will be endowed with powers to investigate and engage in legal proceedings against non-EU data controllers.

Along with legal measures, software development is going to be evaluated. This will include some privacy safeguards initially embedded into web products, for example the “do not track” option in Internet browsers. It will allow users to maintain a high level of Web anonymity.


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