TUVPN Launches PaySafeCard

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We promised it was coming!

We have now launched a new payment processor PaySafeCard.

Its really simple and convenient to use.

  1. Exchange cash for paysafecard at a local sales outlet. Finding a sales outlet is easy: sales outlet finder.
  2. You'll receive paysafecard as a 16-digit PIN. Differing value amounts are available.
  3. Use this PIN to pay for your VPN service quickly and simply.
You can combine up to 10 paysafecard PINs to pay for larger amounts or as a way to use up your remaining credit.
Please let us know if you have any queries or problems.

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New VPN Server In The UK!!

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New UK Server


In response to high demand TUVPN have launched a NEW VPN server in the UK!

We are offering Shared & Dedicated IP services on this new server.

You can access the server immediately using: london3.tuvpn.com 

Alternatively you can reinstall your OpenVPN Client and you will have it in your VPN Server menu. New servers will automatically appear in our L2TP and PPTP client menus.

The NEW London Server comes packed with the usual TUVPN Features to provide you with the best VPN experience on the Net!

Please note that P2P file transfers are not supported.


Thanks for your valued custom and loyalty. We try very hard to earn it!!

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New VPN Server in France!!

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New TUVPN server in France!


We've done it…with help from a very nice customer! We have a NEW hosting provider in France

We are offering Shared & Dedicated IP services on this new server.

You can access the server immediately using: paris.tuvpn.com 

Alternatively you can reinstall your OpenVPN Client and you will have it in your VPN Server menu. New servers will automatically appear in our L2TP and PPTP client menus.

The Paris Server comes packed with the usual TUVPN Features to provide you with the best VPN experience on the Net!

Please note that P2P file transfers are not supported.


We are still researching options in Hong Kong and the Czech Republic, so stay tunned and keep voting!

We tried one hosting provider in Hong Kong, but were not satisfied that it provided the kind of service standards we demand. 

Take a look at the global coverage of our network:  view map

Let us know if we can help with any questions. Enjoy!

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UPDATE – French & Swiss VPN Server News

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Dear All,

We wanted to update you regarding status of our Fench server in Roubaix, and plans to re-launch a server in Switzerland.


On the 29th of June, we released a news article on the unavailability of our VPN server in Roubaix. Read more.

We are continuing to follow this up with the reseller, while looking for an alternative solution. We apologise again for this inconvenience.


We are very happy to announce that at the end of this week, TUVPN will be launching a new server in Switzerland.

We will be publishing a news relase to confirm its launch.

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Are Mobile Devices Properly Protected?

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According to a new Juniper Research report, there are few smartphones and tablets properly protected from malicious software, viruses, and theft of sensitive data. Despite the high level of threats, nearly four per cent of mobile devices have additional security software installed in them, the report says.

The popularity of mobile devices is growing day by day, more and more people store their personal data on them or use them to access their e-mails, visit web sites, send important information or make online banking and shopping  transactions. That’s why it is becoming important for users to protect these devices the same way they protect desktop or laptop computers.

Juniper Research predicts an increase in security products for mobile phones and tablets. Nitin Bhas, the report’s author, claims, “We believe that the market for mobile security products will go mainstream by late 2013 as the vulnerability of data-centric mobile devices becomes more widely appreciated both in the business and consumer sectors. High-profile security alerts are likely to heighten the public’s awareness of this growing issue.”

However, a lot of people have already used different methods to protect the private data stored on their mobile devices. The majority of users prefer a VPN connection as it is one of the most reliable ways of privacy protection. There are a variety of VPN services available on mobile devices, among them are Android and iPhone VPN.  The best VPN services provide strong data encryption and minimise the opportunity of sensitive information theft.

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Is Privacy Outdated in the Modern World?

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Sherry Turkle, a professor and psychologist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology,  published her new book titled "Alone Together: Why We Expect More From Technology And Less From Each Other." She shares with the readers her point of view on the questions of privacy in the modern world.

The author claims that nowadays people, especially teenagers, don’t even know that they have a right to privacy. A lot of people just don’t worry about their privacy protection. They voluntary give out information about themselves on social networking sites or to numerous companies in exchange for some bonuses.

There is an opinion that such publicity is viable for democracy, but Sherry Turkle thinks that everybody needs to have “a certain amount of privacy in order to get their thoughts together, and they certainly need privacy in their e-mails.” Protecting internet privacy is of crucial importance, and the government should begin its defense with e-mail security.

Another of the author’s concerns are the social networking sites, where sensitive information is available for every user to see. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's CEO, said that privacy is not "a social norm" in modern society. On the one hand, Facebook allows to avoid providing information that can compromise the user, and everyone is always able to protect their account with privacy settings. But on the other hand, if you want to use some applications, for example, location based services, you have to reveal your private data.

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Do Sites like WikiLeaks Guarantee Anonymity?

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Nowadays there are a lot of sites created after the example of WikiLeaks. The most popular of them are Al Jazeera Transparency Unit and SafeHouse, launched by the Wall Street Journal. There are also a lot of regional sites such as Balkanleaks, Indoleaks and Brusselsleaks.

All these web sites support publicity and freedom of speech but very often they don’t guarantee anonymity to the users providing information. For example, the Wall Street Journal promises to protect its sources but at the same time SafeHouse terms of use read the following: "We reserve the right to disclose any information about you to law enforcement authorities or to a requesting third party, without notice, in order to comply with any applicable laws and/or requests under legal process."

Daniel Domscheit-Berg, a former WikiLeaks member and IT security expert, does not recommend using such sites because "they are insecure to begin with and people haven't thought about this properly before they started to run such a site." Recently Domscheit-Berg has created his own web site called OpenLeaks, that serves as a mediator between users providing information and media organizations that make it public.

However, to protect your online anonymity and privacy it’s better to use special tools that were developed to these purposes. The most popular of them are VPN and Tor. Tor isa  free software but it is not as secure as the best VPN services that you pay for. It doesn’t secure the whole session of data transmission, that’s why it is possible that your sensitive information will be compromised. VPN services, on the contrary, create a secure tunnel for the entire data transfer and minimize the risk of hackers’ attacks.

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How to Protect your Online Privacy

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Online banking and shopping have become an inseparable part of many users’ lives.  For these purposes, many people enter  their personal data online, such as account numbers and logging details. But there is a threat  of this information being misused by hackers. That’s why it is crucial to protect your private data. Here are some tips on available solutions for protecting  your internet privacy.

One of the most reliable ways is to use a VPN connection, that secures data transmission by creating a tunnel between your device and the network that you are accessing. It is important to choose one of the best VPN services, because they provide their customers with high-end web anonymity and secure internet browsing, as well as good access speed.

It is also a good idea to have privacy software installed. It is able to prevent hackers’ attacks, it provides browser cleaning and detects malicious software. The best privacy software can defend your computer from loggers that can steal your logging information whilst you type it in. Moreover,  it protects your privacy by removing cookie trackers that are used to purloin private data.

Good quality software protects your personal data, not only during internet browsing but also when you are not online. It will warn you when you are visiting an unsafe site that could intercept your private information during a login and deletes your internet history. Besides, it will detect spyware files on your computer and neutralize them.

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South Korea Against Google and Apple over Privacy Issues

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Recently, the South Korean authorities have accused American corporations Google and Apple of comitting privacy breach, and have sent them a questionnaire that includes questions regarding the duration and frecuency of the location information storage and their  permission to collect data from their customers. The questionnaire also asks why the location data was stored in the iPhone and the Android smartphones, and why the actual data was unencrypted.

As we have already reported, Google and Apple are storing location data about their users. The companies can allegedly use this information for marketing purposes.

The answers to the questionnaire have already been received.  To review them, the Korea Communications Commission (KCC) set up a committee formed by 16 members. The members are government officials and representatives from academic, engineering and legislative circles.

“We will release the committee’s decision after taking a look at  the related laws, technologies and administrative procedures and reporting it to KCC's Chairman, Choi See-Joong,” said a representative of the KCC.  If the committee decides that the companies are in violation of the country’s privacy protection laws, they will be subject to operation bans or fines.

Android Security Tips

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Google’s Android Market mobile software shop was attacked by malicious software last week. The “DroidDream” application was infected with malicious code that could steal personal data from Android smartphones. Google has already used an inbuilt Android “kill-switch” to destroy the application, but thousands of smartphones were infiltrated.

In the current situation, every Android user should know how to protect his device. The easiest way to protect an Android smartphone is to lock it with a password. A strong password can protect your device from a big number of threats and helps to keep your data safe. After setting a password, you should adjust  the Screen Timeout options to a low option to lock the display shortly after the last touch.

Consider using the Phone Found – Owner Info app to display your contact information on the device’s locked home screen. If you lost your smartphone it could be returned to you, because someone if someone finds it  they will be able to see your information on the screen and return the device to you.

It’s also wise to select carefully the sites where you download your Android mobile applications from. You should choose only trustworthy sites, such as Google’s Android Market. In spite of the fact that it can also contain malware and other harmful apps, the risk of your device getting infected will be minimized. Also, you can download free or commercial Android antivirus apps that are available in the Android Market. Even if you don’t want to be running constantly an antivirus application,  you will be able to scan your device occasionally.

You can see more tips here: http://www.cio.com/article/675129/Android_Security_Six_Tips_to_Protect_Your_Google_Phone

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